Current rules on quarantine upon arrival in Poland.

New regulation on quarantine upon arrival in Poland

Negative test of Covid-19 made on the airport.How to avoid quarantine after arrival in Poland? According to the new regulation which entered into force on March 30, 2021, all people arriving in Poland by plane are sent to quarantine. In the case of people arriving from the non-Schengen Area, a negative test result for Covid-19 carried out in Poland will exempt the quarantine. 

Travellers arriving in Poland from the Schengen area are exempted from quarantine if they have tested negative for Covid-19. The test must be done within 48 hours before crossing the border and shown at the request of the border guard. The results of the test must be either in Polish or English. 

If travellers do not have a negative test result with them before entering the public area, the border guard, on the basis of the personal data of such persons, will impose on them the obligation to quarantine. 

Tests for Covid-19 after crossing the border

The negative result of the test carried out after crossing the border within 48h also exempts travellers from the quarantine, provided that the laboratory will enter this result into the information system of the State Sanitary Inspectorate. 

Tests for covid-19 can also be carried out at polish airports, but not all provide this option immediately after landing, but only after leaving the terminal.





Which Polish airports give you the possibility to get tested before or after your arrival in Poland?

1. Warsaw Chopin Airport
  •       Two testing points, one in the terminal at the gate 34-35 (before checking the test proof by the border guard-Schengen passengers), the second in the baggage reclaim area, at the conveyor belt number 7 (Schengen and non-Schengen passengers).
  •       Open daily, during scheduled arrivals.
  •       Rapid antigen test, the result in about 20 minutes, price from 170-200 PLN.
  •       Details:

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2. Poznań–Ławica Airport 
  •       You can carry out the test before departure for selected destinations, and upon arrival in Poland, but only after the border guard control.
  •       The point for passengers departing from Poznań airport is opened 4 hours before departure. For travellers to Poznań, the point is open for all arrivals, according to the flight schedule.
  •       In the offer for passengers departing from Poznan are tests: PCR (result 24h), rapid antigen (result up to 25 minutes), rapid RT-lamp (result up to 45 minutes).
  •       For passengers arriving in Poznań, we offer: rapid antigen test (up to 25 minutes) and rapid RT-LAMP test (up to 45 minutes). 
  •       The cost of tests varies from 149-290 PLN.
  •       Details:


3. Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
  •       Rapid antigen tests can be carried out both before and after arrival from abroad. 
  •       The testing point at Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is in the medical unit, in the passenger terminal T2, near the baggage check-in number 1.
  •       The cost of the test is 160-200 PLN. The opening hours of the point should be checked on the airport website.
  •       Details:


4. John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport
  •       The available testing point is located in the medical shipping container on the outdoor parking lot P2, directly at the passenger terminal on the west side.
  •       Available tests: rapid antigen (results in about 25 minutes) and RT-PCR (results in 24 hours).
  •       The prices of the tests are 160 or 320 PLN.
  •       Details:


5. Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport
  •       The diagnostic point is located in the public area of the terminal, just at the entrance to the departure lounge and is open after each non-Schengen arrival.
  •       Tests before and after departure are available to all passengers of Wrocław Airport. 
  •       A rapid antigen test is available at the Airport (results after approx. 25 minutes)
  •       The cost of the test is 150-300 PLN. 
  •       Details: