Feel the Christmas atmosphere at the Krakow Christmas Market!

The markets, formerly known as fairs, have been held on the Market Square for centuries. They usually start at the end of November and last until the second day of Christmas. The Christmas Market in Krakow has become a permanent fixture on the calendar of events in Krakow’s Market Square. This tradition has largely influenced the cultural and economic development of Krakow. The unique atmosphere will put you in the mood for Christmas, making the Main Market Square more colourful and bustling than usual.

Is this the end of the attractions? Of course not! The Krakow Christmas Market is a great chance to taste local delicacies (including traditional polish dishes) or buy Christmas decorations, sweets and other delicious things you will enjoy. Children will also have the opportunity to write their letter to Father Christmas asking him to make their fondest Christmas dreams come true.

Krakow Christmas Market – Pre-Christmas Attractions and Culinary Delicacies

Merchants offer a wide range of Christmas products, such as hand-painted bubbles, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, ceramic products, and products made of wood, wool, cloth, artistic glass, jewellery, and souvenirs, postcards, calendars. You can taste delicious grilled dishes, traditional “oscypek” roasted on the grill with cranberry and drink Galician mulled wine. There will also be roasted nuts, baked chestnuts, Christmas cookies, and gingerbread for the youngest visitors.

Krakow Christmas Market is, above all, a beautiful and giant Christmas tree on the Main Square, numerous workshops, concerts, attractions for every visitor, including adults! The city’s offer for Christmas and New Year is very rich. If you have Xmas shopping ahead of you, you will surely fall in love with the Main Market Square in Krakow. Christmas Eve is a particular time for you and your family. You don’t have to wait until 24 December to feel this wonderful atmosphere!

Wonderful Illumination and Light Show – Top Krakow’s Christmas Market

This year’s Christmas market, organised by the Krakow Merchants’ Congregation, started on 26 November and will last until 2 January 2022. Merchants from all over Poland and Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary present goods in 68 trade and catering positions. The market is accompanied by many artistic events. On the evening of 27 November, the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree in the Market Square took place. The event was enhanced by a rich artistic programme.

During the Christmas and New Year’s period this year, the city also lit up with illuminations referring to accents from Wawel. The leading motif of the Krakow decorations are patterns inspired by numerous motifs from the collections of the Wawel Royal Castle. The Krakow Christmas Market was honoured in 2007, when a book was published in Italy, containing descriptions of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. In turn, already in 2012, the programme of CNN Travel named Krakow the best city to spend Christmas in. As you can see, Krakow sets the bar very high for other cities.

The golden and silver light decorations, which depict flora and fauna taken from the tapestries, will undoubtedly make strolling through the city more enjoyable. And walkers are encouraged to take advantage of the many offers the city and its partners have prepared for Christmas and New Year.

Tourist Attractions in Krakow – What’s there to see?

The Christmas Market in Krakow is not the only attraction in here. If there’s a recipe for the perfect holiday destination, one that probably has a fascinating history, stunning medieval architecture, a rich cultural life, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife, then it’s certainly Krakow.

Most people direct their first steps to the Old Town. This unique place is located in a relatively small area, and it is pretty easy to see everything on foot. The more so, the traffic of all cars has been very much restricted in the old town. Most of the streets intersect at right angles, which significantly facilitates orientation. Most of Krakow’s main monuments are located in this area. Enjoy your Christmas break in the central square of Krakow at no extra cost.

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Other Information

Christmas Market is not only a perfect chance to discover the region of Krakow, but also feel the Christmas Eve Atmosphere and enjoy your time at the central square of this city. Please rest assued that the Krakow Christmas Market is associated with the best Christmas Markets in the world!

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