Poland Travel Restriction

With the world slowly but steadily defeating the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking for places to visit and unwind. After months of staying in the same place and reduced mobility, the desire to just unwind and travel is not only understandable but very natural. Poland is a popular tourist destination of choice, and because of that, we received a lot of questions and inquiries about how traveling to Poland looks in practice. What is the Poland Travel Restriction? Should you wait, or visit now? Is it safe to come to Poland?

To answer your questions and set you at ease, we prepared this article. If the situation changes, our updates will reflect it. The date in the post will reflect the latest update, so you don’t have to guess if you are looking at fresh info or not. Obviously, we will do our best to always have relevant, reliable data ready for you!

BREAKING NEWS 19.03.2021

The COVID-19 safety measures in Poland have been increased. Starting from 20.03.2021, and lasting at least until 18.04.2021, rules in Poland will be stricter than before. This means that:
  • Hotels will be closed.
  • Shopping malls will be closed.
  • Theatres, museums, cinemas will be closed.
  • All sports&recreation objects (swimming pools, gyms, fitness clubs) will be closed.
  • Casinos will be closed.
This is done in hope of making the upcoming Easter holidays as safe as possible for everybody. Expect the situation to become more relaxed after the holidays are over.

BREAKING NEWS 05.02.2021

A new month means new changes. Here is a quick summary of what is changing in Poland travel restriction in February:

  • 01.02.2021: Museums, cinema, and theatres in Poland are open for visitors (1/2 of normal capacity due to safety regulations)
  • 01.02.2021: The world-famous Auschwitz-Birkenau is open for visitors (contact us for more details)
  • 4.02.2021: Wieliczka Salt Mine is open for visitors (contact us for more details).
  • 12.02.2021: Reopening of hotels!
  • You do not have to quarantine yourself any longer if you were tested COVID negative 48h before visiting Poland.

If you are interested in visiting these places, contact us! We will help you arrange everything. Tickets and door-to-door transport are included in our Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz Birkenau tours.

BREAKING NEWS 15.01.2021

After deliberations and evaluations, the Polish Government decided to extend the restrictions until the end of January. Tourists should remember that this means that hotels, museums, and other tourism-related objects are closed until 31.01.2021.

BREAKING NEWS 17.12.2020

All tourism industry and activity are suspended until 17 January of 2020. This is because of the nation-wide lockdown that is taking place between 28th December and 17th January. This move by the Polish government aims to avoid the third wave of Coronavirus that might otherwise happen after Christmas Holidays and New Year’s Eve. For the travelers, it means that since all objects of interest such as hotels are closed, you should postpone your trip to Poland until the lockdown is lifted post 17th January. However, this is pretty good news – Poland is preparing to introduce the vaccine to the population as fast as possible, and the lockdown is a way to make sure the process will go smooth. So traveling to Poland in 2021 looks to become a reality very soon!

What is the current situation in Poland?

Poland Travel Restriction. Covid-19 in Poland.

The current situation in Poland is stabilizing and optimistic. The second wave of Coronavirus hit in November Poland, and things looked grim for a moment. However, the greatest danger is behind us. Currently, Poland is in a “responsibility period”. What does that mean? The Polish Government defined the “responsibility period” as a time of returning to normality. There are many restrictions in place, but their primary function is to prepare the country to return to normality from before the pandemic.

When should I look for another big update?

Poland Travel Restriction. New restriction.

Another big update should happen in March!

COVID-19 numbers in Poland

Here, you will find relevant data updated in real-time. 


Can I enter Poland?

Most likely, yes! Polish borders reopened 13.06.2020. In a nutshell: anybody from within European Union and Schengen Zone can enter Poland freely. You also do not need to quarantine yourself in Poland if you were tested COVID negative 48h before the visit, with an exception of when returning from the United Kingdom.

There are some countries that remain on the banned list in Poland. Make sure your country is not on it:  The United States of America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Maldives, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, UAE, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, India, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Lebanon, Iraq,  North Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Montenegro, Cape Verde, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait.

What should I do before flying to Poland? Poland Travel Restriction

Poland Travel Restriction. Covid 19 in Poland

Make sure to fill out the public health passenger locator card and Passenger Self Declaration Form. They provide required information about your health to the authorities. Thanks to it, everybody can travel safely, and if you need emergency help, all information required will be already known so you can be helped immediately. Looks arcane and hard to fill out? Don’t worry – your airline will certainly instruct you how to do it and help you with any questions. Everything will be done online, so don’t let it stop you! Just make sure to get in and out of the airport safely – this article aims to help you remain safe.

Make sure to test yourself for COVID within 48h of your planned visit. If you test negative, you won’t have to quarantine yourself.

What are the current restrictions in Poland?

There are the following temporary restrictions currently enforced in Poland:


You have to cover your mouth and nose outside. This includes places such as:

  • streets, roads and in town squares, within cemeteries, promenades, boulevards, vehicle parking areas, forest car parks,
  • public transport: buses, trams, and trains,
  • shops, malls, banks, markets, and post offices
  • culture and entertainment: cinemas and theatres,
  • physician’s offices, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, in massage and tattoo parlors
  • churches, schools, and universities,
  • government offices and other civic centers.

Failing to do so will result in a fine, so make sure to always carry and wear your mask!

Social Distancing

Social distancing during Covid19

Social distancing is enforced. Please, keep 1,5m of the distance between you and other people. This does not include your family and the people you are traveling with.  

You are free to move around the country as you wish, just make sure that children under 16 are under the supervision of adults.

Public transport is available, but not recommended. Essentially, only half of any public transport vehicle can be occupied at a time. Every second seat has to be empty. 

Culture, Gastronomy, Entertainment

For facilities such as churches, shops, restaurants, libraries, and similar, the rule is pretty simple. No more than one person per 15m2 of space. For objects smaller than 100m2, like tiny convenience stores, the rule is one person per 10m2 of space instead.

For gastronomy, stationery business is currently prohibited. You still can take out and order food for delivery. Hotel restaurants are an exception – guests can eat there freely. 

The restaurants serve a meal takeaway.

Sport-related establishments, such as gyms, pools, fitness clubs and so on are currently suspended. 

Cultural events, such as sports competitions, concerts, fairs, exhibitions are suspended and prohibited. 

The beauty industry, such as hairdressers, tattoo parlors and beauticians operates under a strict sanitary regime. 

Hotels and Accommodations

Hotels in Poland reopen after the 12th of February 2021! Poland Travel Restriction.

Hotels will be reopened after 12.02.2021!

When should I visit Poland? Poland Travel Restriction

You should start planning your trip to Poland after 12.02.2021. To make sure you secure the best deals, follow our blog and website – we are very excited to receive travelers from across the world in 2021! With us, you will be safe – we take a very strict approach to our sanitary regime and focus on preventive solutions.