Warsaw is a crown jewel of Poland, a beautiful city full of sights and attractions. Hopefully, our list will help you not miss the best Warsaw has to offer. W

Warsaw is a crown jewel of Poland, a beautiful city full of sights and attractions. Hopefully, our list will help you not miss the best Warsaw has to offer.

1. Visit the Old Town

Varsovian Old Town offers a perfect mix between sightseeing and relax. Acknowledged as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its unique history. Sometimes called the youngest old town in the world, it was razed to the ground during WWII. However, it was successfully restored, perfectly embodying the undying Polish spirit and perseverance.
Home to many iconic landmarks of the city, including the legendary Mermaid of Warsaw and the Castle Square. If you get tired and decide to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, Old Town has you covered – there are shops, cafes, and restaurants for you to choose from. Allow yourself to get charmed by the narrow streets and tenement houses.

2. Climb the Palace of The Science and Culture

The tallest building in the country, one of the most recognizable symbols of Warsaw. The observation deck on the 30th floor offers an amazing panorama view of the city serving as a perfect photo opportunity spot. The Palace itself is also full of attractions: cinemas, theaters, shops, cafes, and many others. It is also a regular host of various happenings and events. Make sure to check out what is taking place around the time of your trip.

3. Explore the Royal Łazienki Museum

One of the most breathtakingly beautiful places not only in Warsaw but in Poland altogether. Łazienki are the summer royal residence of the last Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowski. The unique charm of Łazienki attracted many scholars and artists to “Thursday dinners” hosted by the King. Today, Łazienki are open to the public and repurposed as a museum for everyone to enjoy. Definitely visit if you want to admire the rich collection of paintings or see an orangery. For fans of the theater, there is also the 18th-century court theater and an amphitheater. During the spring-summer season, make sure to not miss the famous Chopin Concerts!


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4. Walk the Boulevards

Banks of the Vistula river are home to kilometers-long riverside promenade called the Boulevards. A perfect choice when you are in a mood for a long walk, some biking, or even sailing, if the weather permits. If you decide to brave the waters, you can choose from kayaks, ferries, motorboats, and sailboats. Regardless of your mode of transportation, you will encounter countless amazing photo opportunities. Of course, there is more to do – there are many attractions and playgrounds all over the promenade. Explore and enjoy it at your leisure. And if you get hungry, you can find some delicious food at Slow Market, open between May and September into late-night hours. Children love Boulevards for the water playgrounds. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy.

5. Become a scientist at Copernicus Science Centre

One of the most modern and unique attractions in the region, Copernicus Science Centre is beloved by children and adults alike. CSC’s mission is to promote science and prove that it can be fun and rewarding to learn. And the most exciting way to learn, according to CSC, is to learn by doing. This is why CSC is full of exciting interactive experiments and workshops. Attractions are not dumbed down, respecting the intelligence of the children. This allows entire families to have fun together, overcoming the generation gap. If you ever wanted to see build a bridge, play with electricity, or interact with robots, CSC is for you. And of course, true to the Copernicus himself, you can discover truths about the cosmos.

6. Time travel in the Praga District

Varsovian Praga is considered to be the most authentic part of the city. It was left mostly intact by the WWII, unlike other historic districts. Praga Museum of Warsaw is a perfect way to learn about the rich history of the place. This includes interviews with the most senior residents of the Praga. The model representing how the district looked in the 18th century is a great opener for the rest of the trip. This way, you can compare the changes that took place between then and today. Make sure to take a look at various churches, temples, and shrines sprinkled all over the town. Prague is home to many religions and architectural styles. For more modern entertainment, you can head to the Praga Zoo, with over 500 species of animals to see. Ząbkowska Street, the main street of Praga, is famous for hosting many cultural events.

7. Honor the Museum of Warsaw uprising

Warsaw Uprising of 44 is not a joyous topic. It is, however, important to fully understand contemporary Warsaw and the wounds it sustained. The Museum of Warsaw Uprising took it upon itself to help capture the history of that dark period. Using all the tools provided by modern technology, Museum transports you to the Warsaw of 44. You get to experience the dark, gloomy atmosphere of the city yourself. Walking around the Museum, you will understand the fear and bravery of Varsovians. The story told by the exhibitions is a tragedy of young men and women taking a doomed stand. You will see it through their eyes, be it the rubble-covered streets, or claustrophobic sewers they had to hide in. After you leave the Museum, you will understand the tragic past of Warsaw and pay your respects

8. Walk the Royal route

Warsaw was for centuries the seat of Polish royalty and government. If you wish to see the many palaces and royal residences of Warsaw, The Royal Route is the path you want to take. You will get to visit palaces, gardens, royal estates, and castles. This includes “Polish Versailles” – a baroque summer residence of King John III Sobieski turned into a Museum. Highly recommended.

9. Learn about Chopin at Chopin’s Museum

Fryderyk Chopin is possibly the most famous and recognizable Varsovian to ever live. To celebrate his life and achievements, a museum dedicated to Chopin was created in the Ostrogski Palace. Visit it if you want to learn about Chopin’s youth in Warsaw and witness many memorabilia. Correspondence written by him and to him is collected and available to read too. Multimedia exhibitions will expose every known detail about Fryderyk both as a person and as an artist. Discover the creative process that led to the conception of his fantastic music.

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10. Enjoy the night and breakfast markets

Night Market is a fantastic event taking place every Saturday and Sunday night during the Spring-Summer season. It combines culinary wonders from all over the world with vibrant cultural events. It’s one of the most fun and tastiest ways of spending your night in Warsaw. An absolute must for any night owl visiting the city, and a fun adventure for anybody willing to brave the night.

As a sort of daytime counterpart to Night Market, those who do not want to stay up to late hours can enjoy a breakfast market instead. Every weekend, breakfast markets welcome entire families to relax in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. There is not only a ton of food to eat but also a ton of things to do. Children can play at outdoors playgrounds, mingling and establishing new friendships under vigilant and caring supervision. Adults can bond together either over delicious food, relaxing music, or during many workshops open to all interested. Breakfast markets are a wonderful way to join Varsovians in celebrating weekends.