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    Slanted colorful houses in the old town in Lublin, Poland
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Treblinka Concentration Camp Regular Tour","id":"0_586","price":"nan","category":"tour"}
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour from Warsaw","id":"4554_17351","price":"379.80","category":"tour"}
    Auschwitz & Birkenau Tour
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Hop on - Hop off Warsaw Tour","id":"5524_21277","price":"25.12","category":"tour"}
    Warsaw 1
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Warsaw Airport to Warsaw Transfer","id":"3159_2188","price":"31.80","category":"transfer"}
    Night panorama of Krakowskie Przedmiescie street in Warsaw
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Warsaw to Warsaw Airport Transfer","id":"3154_2190","price":"31.80","category":"transfer"}
    Driver assisting passenger entering car

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    A young woman in Warsaw
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    The Nicolaus Copernicus Monument in Torun – home town of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus
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Best transport and tours in Warsaw with Mr.Shuttle

Warsaw is the third polish capital in history, and also the third most favorite city of our customers. Overseeing the banks of Vistula River, Warsaw is considered to be the modern face of the country. The biggest city in the country, you would never guess that Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed. Many people do not believe that the historic Old Town District was razed to the ground by the end of World War II. Rebuilt as a result of one of the most ambitious restoration projects in the world, Warsaw is a beautiful city. Home of both historical Old Town, Ghetto of Heroes, and communist Palace of Science and Culture, Warsaw represents entire Polish history. If you want to learn the history of Warsaw or visit important locations related to Chopin, MrShuttle is happy to provide a wide choice of exciting tours. Walking tour, private tour, door-to-door transport tour, guided tour, city tour, day tour, there is a tour for everybody. Visit the Warsaw with MrShuttle and you won’t regret it. Interested in more? Scroll down and learn about everything you need to enjoy tours in Warsaw!

Can you get door-to-door service in Warsaw?

Yes, you can get all-inclusive door-to-door transport and services in Warsaw! If you wonder what door-to-door means, here is a quick explanation. It means that we provide transport from the beginning to the end of your trip, tour, or visit. Most often, people look for door-to-door transport from or to the airport. This way, they can get from their plane to their hotel in one, smooth trip. No worrying about finding the right address. No stress of looking for a cab. Everything is prepaid and ready. We pick you up where you want to be picked up, and drop you where you want to be dropped off. How does it work for tours and trips? Pretty similar. We agree on a place where we will be waiting for you, and when you end your tour, we drive you to a place you want to go next. This can be your hotel, but it also might be another place you want to continue sightseeing at. A great advantage of door-to-door transports is that you don’t pay for distance traveled or time spent in the car. The price is fixed, and always the same. The only thing we ask you is to pick a destination inside the city of Warsaw. Other than that, everything is allowed! We want you to spend the least time possible commuting, and as much time as you can enjoying yourself.

Can you get English speaking guides and tours in Warsaw?

Yes, you can get English speaking guides in Warsaw! MrShuttle makes sure to only work with the best guides available. We understand that nobody has a fun time when they are not being understood. Knowing the historical context is crucial when exploring places like The Old Town or taking a walk along the Royal Route. They are pretty enough on their own, but you can appreciate them even more if you know all the related interesting facts and secrets! Feel free to ask any questions and hold a conversation with our guides. They love their jobs and are super enthusiastic!

We also know that not being able to talk in a shared language with your driver is a super unfun experience. It is very easy to make a mistake and end up driving somewhere you don’t want. That’s why we made sure that all of our drivers can speak fluent English. If there is any change in your plans or an emergency, you can speak with the driver directly. Also, driving is just more pleasant when you can make small talk. Our drivers are accommodating and friendly. Who knows, maybe they will recommend you a cool place to eat at, or something to see you would miss otherwise? They get complimented in our reviews a lot – so don’t worry, say hi!

Where to ask questions about Warsaw City and Warsaw tours?

If you have questions, that’s good! Smart travelers always have many good questions before visiting a new place. We collected some of the most frequently asked questions in a FAQ. If you can’t find your answer to your question there, tell us! We aim to make sure that the FAQ remains useful to users. Voice your concerns to us! How you can do that?

You can reach us with any questions through several channels. You can make a phone call, write us an email, or chat with us through the chatbox. Pick whichever option is most comfortable for you!

If you are looking for more in-depth information, make sure to check out our blog. It covers a wide range of topics related to the cities we operate in. You can find extra historical information on some of the monuments and iconic places in Warsaw, advice on choosing your accommodations, and many more, including TOP lists of the best places to visit.

Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

UNESCO Heritage Sites in Warsaw

When preparing to visit a country, many tourists look up the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the area. And for a good reason! These sites are usually some of the most beautiful, impressive and important landmarks in the world. Currently, there are 16 World Heritage Sites in Poland. Three of them are in the vicinity of Warsaw:

  • Warsaw Old Town

The Historic Centre of Warsaw has been added to the list in 1980. This cultural site had been purged and destroyed by the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. As much as 85% of it was turned into rubble and dust. Following the war, a long restoration process has begun. The project, involving many ambitious and innovative solutions, concluded in 1984 when the Royal Castle was opened to visitors. Many people would not believe that The Old Town was destroyed in the first place – the atmosphere and architecture are faithful to the original and preserve the spirit of historic Warsaw perfectly. During our Warsaw Highlights Tour, you will be able to see it all!

  • Medieval Town of Toruń

The Medieval Town of Toruń was founded by the Teutonic Knights. You might recognize them and remember them from another Polish World Heritage Site, Malbork near Gdańsk! Added to the list in 1997, the town is amazingly preserved and is a fantastic representation of Brick-Gothic style. The town is also a home of a world-famous Polish mathematician and astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus! You will visit it during our Nicolaus Copernicus Tour.

  • Old City of Zamość

Named after its founder Jan Zamoyski and designed by Bernardo Morando, Old City of Zamość was added to the list in 1992. This late Renaissance town is a unique blend of Italian and Central European architecture. You won’t find a place like this anywhere else in Poland.

Tours in Warsaw

The Warsaw Highlight Tour and the Warsaw City Tour from Krakow will take you for a fascinating tour of the city. You will be able to see all the amazing architecture of Warsaw under the care of expert, English speaking Guide. This all-inclusive tour of Warsaw is a door-to-door service, which makes it a perfect way to enjoy the culture and the history of the Polish capital. This tour starts at the Old Town and covers the most important and iconic places in the city. Come and see the Umschlagplatz, Anielewicz Bunker, the Ghetto Heroes Square, City Centre, and the Royal Łazienki Park. This includes the Palace of Culture and Science, a famous and infamous communist icon of Warsaw. There are divided opinions on it, exactly because of its communist legacy. The Royal Castle and The Royal Łazienki Part represent the part of Warsaw connected to kings and royalty. Did you know that Łazienki was the cultural center of Poland during the reign of the last Polish king, August Poniatowski?

Tours around Warsaw

While you could spend endless days in Warsaw alone, it is worth to take a day or two to step out and take a trip somewhere else in the area. This is made fun and easy with MrShuttle, as we provide two-way transport for you. The best choices available are trips to Żelazowa Wola, Toruń and Treblinka Concentration Camp.

You will visit Toruń as part of the Nicolaus Copernicus Tour. Nicolaus Copernicus was a famous Polish scientist, known for his heliocentric theory. During this tour, you will be able to see his brick house and experience the Medieval Town of Toruń, one of the Polish UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For fans of castle architecture, there are also ruins of a Teutonic castle!

To explore Żelazowa Wola, take the private Chopin Tour. You probably recognize the name of Frédéric Chopin – this famous pianist is one of the most recognized Poles in the world. It was here, in Sochaczew district of Żelazowa Wola in Poland, that Chopin was born! This tour is an absolute must for the fans of Chopin.

The final destination is Treblinka Concentration Camp, which you will be able to visit as part of the Treblinka Concentration Camp Tour. This place was a location of extermination camp for Jews during World War II. Located about two hours from Warsaw, this is an important experience for everybody wanting to pay respect to victims of the war. The tour includes English Audioguide, to make sure that you will understand the full details about the death camp.

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

You cannot miss Warsaw Old Town and The Royal Castle! It is true that Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed during World War II in the Warsaw Uprising, but don’t think that it means there is nothing to see, or that everything is new and unauthentic. Warsaw was rebuilt and didn’t replace old with the new. Thanks to that you will be able to see the charming townhouses exactly like they were before being burned down. Consider visiting Łazienki Park and Garden, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and Warsaw Uprising Museum. We also recommend the Copernicus Science Centre!

Najłatwiejszym sposobem na przemieszczanie się po mieście jest korzystanie z komunikacji miejskiej, która w Warszawie jest bardzo dobrze rozwinięta. Możesz korzystać z dwóch linii metra, sieci tramwajowej oraz autobusowej. Miasto jest bardzo dobrze skomunikowanie, a korzystanie z samochodu może spowodować, że na długo utkniesz w korku. Stosunkowo ciekawym sposobem przemieszczania się są hulajnogi czy korzystanie z rowerów miejskich. The easiest way to move around Warsaw is by using the extensive and well maintained public transport. You can choose between the metro, tramway, and bus. Tram and metro are especially worth looking into, since they can take you pretty much anywhere in the Warsaw, dodging the hours-long traffic jams. If you like cycling, Warsaw offers city bikes for you to ride around, along with scooters!

The majority of museums in Warsaw are free to enter during one day of the week. The Museum of Warsaw Uprising is free to enter on Mondays. Royal Palace is free to enter every Wednesday. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews can be explored for free every Thursday.

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