Duga-1 Radar Facility

Duga-1 Radar Facility

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Soviet Top Secret Facility,

In 1975, the world watched as the Soviet Union started to build the most potent nuclear power plant in the world.

This momentous project showcased Ukrainian engineering at it’s finest, and it was a feat worth envying. The members of the Soviet political youth organization known as the Kommunisticheskiy Soyuz Molodyozhi helped build this grand construction. This caught the attention of the whole world during the hype of the Cold War. However, that may have been part of the plan to create a distraction because just a few kilometers away, the Soviet Army was building a top secret military facility known as the 5n32-West, DUGA-1. It is a Soviet missile defense early warning radar network was secretly born.

The Soviet Union built three missile defense early warning radar networks and DUGA-1 in Chernobyl 2 was one of them. Although, only remains of this immense radar system stand in Chernobyl. The tourists can still witness the gigantic structures that once operated in a time where tense negotiations between the east and the west almost set the world into nuclear crisis.

Our team of experts and historians will tell you all about the DUGA-1 missile defense systems and Chernobyl-2, and how they operated. We’ll dissect the significant components and how it was designed to protect the Soviet citizens from Nuclear catastrophe.

When visiting Chernobyl, it is highly recommended that you visit this place while you still can. Soon there may be a demolition order for this site. Click here for more details on this Tour.

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