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Ukraine is a beautiful and vast country in Europe that is still largely undiscovered by many travelers. Ukrainian cities which are full of history and magnificent architecture invite with their charm. The Carpathian Mountains in the west and the Black Sea coast in the south make for a great outdoor trip. And all of that is accompanied by tasty Ukrainian cuisine. If you’re planning to visit this underrated destination, have a look at our small travel guide to Ukraine for some inspiration. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and excellent food await!

Let us take you on a quick Ukraine tour

Because of the size of Ukraine, you’d need quite a bit of time to properly explore and experience it. Don’t get discouraged though, you can still get a good feel of it even if you’re there only for 3 days. Here are a few places that you should see in Ukraine if you’re planning a short holiday.

The must-see cities – Lviv and Kiev, Ukraine

  • Kiev: This is the most obvious place to start your travel with. Kiev, or rather Kyiv which is the official spelling, and one that is preferred by the local people, is the capital of Ukraine. Apart from being the largest city in Ukraine and one of the oldest in Europe, it provides travelers with a range of experiences. Did you know, for example, that Kyiv has the second deepest metro station in the world? If you want to see it for your own eyes, go to Arsenala Metro Station. After that, you can stop by Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, a cave monastery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure to also tour Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, it is yet another Heritage site that is one of the most famous landmarks in Kiev and it has excellent views from the bell tower. If you booked a flight to the capital of Ukraine, you’re in luck as it’s a starting point for many memorable trips. Check out our range of hassle-free Kiev tours so that nothing passes you by. Perhaps you’ll want to join us on a sightseeing tour to tick off the top attractions? If so, you can choose the duration (3 or 6 hours) depending on your schedule. Or maybe you’d like to do something more unexpected and go on the Kiev Underground Tour and explore the dark labyrinth beneath the ground? You can also book our Military tour for even more excitement – the choice is yours!
  • Lviv: this friendly and lively city in the west of the country (a bit over a 1-hour drive from the Polish border) has a significant student population and is one of the best destinations in Ukraine. Lviv’s city center is an excellent material for a walking tour. Give yourself some time to explore Ryonk square and the surrounding streets. If you have a sweet-tooth, don’t deny yourself a short visit to the Lviv Chocolate Workshop. Then climb the steps of the Town Hall for panoramic views. After that bit of exercise, you’ll definitely deserve to have scrumptious lunch at a Ukrainian restaurant. While in Lviv, don’t miss the breathtaking Lviv Opera House or a visit to one of the city’s famous coffee shops. Want to experience a nice sunset with a view of the city? Head to the High Castle Hill.

Adventure travel to Chernobyl exclusion zone

If you’re looking for unique experiences while in Ukraine, visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone should make the top of your list. Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986 and had catastrophic consequences that resulted in many people being evacuated, mainly from the nearby town Pripyat. Today it is a ghost town with abandoned buildings and an extraordinary site. As one of the most contaminated areas in the world, it is an interesting place to travel to for a short tour from Kyiv. Since access to the zone is restricted and permitted only for a short duration, you can only access it on guided tours with official tour operators. If you’d like to include this place in your itinerary, have a look at our Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat Town 1 Day Tour. During this tour, you’ll have the chance to learn about the disaster, see ground zero, visit the villages that have been affected by it, and spend a few hours in a one-of-a-kind place.

A range of Ukraine tours with MrShuttle

If you’re planning a holiday in Ukraine and don’t yet have a specific travel plan, let MrShuttle help you out. Going to Ukraine only for 3 days? You’ll manage to explore more places with our range of tours. Our company aims at providing travelers with the most comprehensive and educational tours so that they can experience wonderful destinations to a maximum. Travel is our passion and we want to share it with you. MrShuttle has a wide range of tours in Ukraine that you can quickly look through and book the one, or a few, that suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-day trip or a tour for a few hours, you’ll find it here. Just choose the tour duration that fits your schedule and have a great time. Not convinced? Let us give you a few reasons why choosing MrShuttle as the main operator for your trip is a good idea.

Travel further at budget-friendly prices

Don’t limit yourself just to the cities! Discover more of Ukraine thanks to trips further afield. Traveling around a foreign country tends to be a bit restrictive, especially if you don’t know the local language and don’t have your own car. By booking a tour with MrShuttle you get a comfortable ride to exciting places off the beaten path. Have a look, for example, at our Tour to Slavutych or Taytem tour, both great trips for curious minds and history buffs. On top of all that, with MrShuttle you don’t have to break the bank. We want to give you the best value for money so on our website, you can find a range of interesting Ukraine tours at competitive prices.

Leading tour operators and an English-speaking guide

We make all the effort to find the best and most professional tour operators in excellent destinations. Because of that, we can offer you educational tours that will not only create photo opportunities but also a chance to learn about the locations. We realize that trips to foreign-speaking countries can be stressful, so we make sure to provide you with an English-speaking guide, and driver, so that you can understand everything and communicate with ease.

A small group of travelers is a charm

Because we want you to have a splendid time, we try to keep the size of our tours small. Many think that the fewer people during the trip, the better the experience. Are you one of them? When booking with MrShuttle, you don’t have to worry about crowds. The group size will usually depend on the number of reservations for the specific date and the current COVID-19 restrictions in place. Want to go on a tour with just your friends or family? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for that possibility – we are flexible and open to suggestions. Make sure to also have a look at this Private Tour to Chernobyl – perhaps this is what you have in mind?

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