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Every fan of Game of Thrones probably dreams about visiting the famous filming locations, exploring captivating and well-preserved cobbled streets, seeing the most iconic stairs in Barcelona, and experiencing the medieval atmosphere of the city. Now, all of it is possible thanks to the Girona Game of Thrones tour organized by MrShuttle. Keep reading to learn the details!

Walking tour of Girona - why is it a good idea?

Apart from being full of Game of Thrones filming locations, Girona, a charming city located about 100 km from Barcelona, is a must-see destination for every tourist appreciating the historic atmosphere, quaint and quiet streets, breathtaking monuments, and world-famous churches or monasteries. So, what’s worth seeing there?

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants

Exploring Catalonia and not seeing The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is like being in Rome and not seeing The Trevi Fountain. This captivating Romanesque building dates back to the 12th century. However, some people claim that it’s even 200 years older. 

During our Girona Game of Thrones tour, you’ll be given some free time when you can visit the old town and explore places that appeal to your senses the most.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona

This enormously impressive site in Spain was developed between the 11th and 18th centuries. The Girona cathedral comprises two splendid architectural styles - Romanesque and Gothic. Inside, you can admire noteworthy religious artworks placed in the Cathedral Treasury Museum.

The religious site can boast the widest Gothic nave in the world (23 m). So it’s an ideal destination to applaud the splendor of local architecture and reflect on life.

The Arab baths

The Arab baths found in Girona date back to the 12th century and result from the hard work of designers who got inspired by Arabic and Roman styles. 

Although this site is closed today (visitors could benefit from its functionalities till the 14th century), it’s still a worth-seeing destination where you can explore various rooms, admire the entrance hall and impressive columns, or find shelter from the sun.

The Sant Marti Sacosta church

This little charming Baroque church is another example proving that Girona has managed to preserve its historic architecture and atmosphere in a way that makes you feel that time stands still.

The Sant Marti Sacosta church was created in the 17th century, and its Baroque design resembles romantic cities well-known to us thanks to Shakespeare's plays. So if you ever wanted to feel like Romeo or Juliet, it’s an unprecedented opportunity.

The Jewish History Museum

The Museum of Jewish History is a must-see location for every tourist willing to explore the past of Jewish inhabitants of Catalonia who lived there between the 9th and 15th centuries. There, you can admire medieval tombstones and see what the everyday life of these people looked like.

Apart from the museum, it’s also worth seeing the entire Jewish Quarter with its astonishing narrow, cobbled streets. Exploring them will probably make you feel as if you were traveling in time.

The River Onyar 

Maybe you haven’t visited Venice or Paris, but you’ve certainly seen their breathtaking, quaint architecture, calm and peaceful rivers, and astounding bridges that connect two different parts of the cities.

Well, the small Spanish city we’re discussing today also has it all. Moreover, it’s much more intimate than the crowded and expensive locations mentioned above.

The River Onyar is an integral part of the Girona old town, and it’s surrounded by colorful buildings that make the view look even more spectacular. In addition, you can explore the entire town thanks to the Pont de Pedra and Pont de les Peixateries Velles bridges designed by Gustave Eiffel. Yes, you’re right - it was the same guy as the one responsible for the creation of the wrought-iron, iconic Eiffel Tower. 

Once you finish exploring Girona, take a break and sit in one of the romantic restaurants near the River Onyar, where you can admire lovely views while munching on traditional Spanish foods.

The Game of Thrones locations in Girona

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush. We all know that the vast majority of people reading this entry got attracted by the “Game of Thrones” phrase that appeared in the title.

When you were watching Game of Thrones, you probably admired the stage design and wondered how production designers managed to create such breathtaking and realistic buildings that truly looked like some medieval sites.

Well, would you be surprised now if we told you that all the locations in Girona we described in our post today were actually used in the sixth season of the Game of Thrones series?

"How come?" you may ask. Let’s analyze the plot once again.

The Game of Thrones scenes filmed in Catalonia

The Girona Cathedral

When scrutinizing the series, you may notice that the spectacular stairs of the Girona Cathedral appear in the scene of the Great Sept of Baelor, where Jaime Lannister has a showdown with the High Sparrow. Now, walking down these stairs and admiring the cathedral will never feel the same, will it?

The Girona old town

We’ve already stated that the well-preserved streets and buildings of the old town are pretty enchanting. Cobbled streets that resemble labyrinths, Romanesque churches and medieval gates of the Jewish Quarter were used as stage designs of the city of Braavos.

The Sant Marti Sacosta church

The Sant Marti Sacosta church, or, to be more precise, its stairs, are another Game of Thrones filming location that can be seen in the scene showing markets in Braavos. Arya, who was injured, ran away from the waif, but unfortunately, she fell and overturned baskets with oranges.

The Arab baths

The Arab baths are the next location where Arya tries to hide when running away. They are just behind the cathedral, so you can visit them without wasting a lot of time getting from one destination to another.

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants 

This monastery is the last Game of Thrones filming location we’ll discuss today. It appears as an old town citadel where Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and little Sam wish to train as a Master.

Do you want to explore Girona and see the mentioned sites with your own eyes? Then, choose services offered by MrShuttle!

The Game of Thrones tour with MrShuttle

The Game of Thrones city tour organized by MrShuttle means top-notch experiences at affordable prices.

It’s a walking tour that lasts approximately 6.5 hours, which means it requires appropriate footwear and clothes matching weather conditions, thanks to which you’ll be able to explore the city and most popular filming locations conveniently. 

We offer air-conditioned transport (you’ll be picked up from Carrer de Balmes 5 in Barcelona). Forget about spending long hours in stuffy vehicles with drivers who don’t understand a word of what you’re saying. The tour is available in English and Spanish. Therefore, it’s suitable for most tourists. We provide a knowledgeable, professional guide who will be happy to introduce you to the most relevant historical facts related to the city of Girona and filming locations that appeared in the Game of Thrones.

During the trip, we’ll stop in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Girona. In addition, we’ll explore the city walls and the Jewish Quarter. Moreover, you’ll be given some extra free time when you can see other memorable destinations and try local cuisine served by cozy restaurants near the river.

Still not convinced?

Girona Game of Thrones tour - the takeaway

Choosing the Girona Game of Thrones tour gives you an unprecedented opportunity to explore one of the most magical places in Catalonia and see the filming locations of the popular series. 

MrShuttle guarantees comfortable and safe traveling, which means that you’ll be able to focus solely on the trip and relaxation. Forget about unorganized and unreliable companies and explore your dream destinations with our professional guides!

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    I am GoT freak so with such great service it was dream experience for me.

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    I am GoT freak so with such great service it was dream experience for me.

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You can safely resign from the tour and get a 100% refund provided that you do it at least 24 hours before the trip starts. If you do it less than 24 hours before the tour or you don’t show up, you won’t receive the money back.

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We cooperate with skilled and knowledgeable local guides who know everything about the city and are passionate about their job. Thanks to it, you’ll get interesting insights into the history of Girona and the Game of Thrones series.

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Girona: Game of Thrones City
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