Have you heard that Mr.Shuttle aims to travel the space? Probably that is why you are here…
So, yes, we’ve got you! It was just an April Fool’s Day joke. Ooops!


Anyway, thank you for believing in us! People say that sky is the limit, and it really is! Providing cosmic tours is out of our reach for now, but we have some amazing tours here, on our planet Earth! Choose from a wide range of countries and cities, and book yourself a perfect journey now!


Zakopane Tour

Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland has so much to offer not only in the snowy time but also in the summer! In this mountainous terrain, you will easily find many interesting summits to hike, and admire beautiful, unique views. In Zakopane, there are mounts both for beginners and advanced hikers. But if you are not that really into sport, choose SPA resorts and relax surrounded by breathtaking nature. Go for a walk in Krupowki, enjoy traditional Polish cuisine, and fall in love with Zakopane.

Tricity and Westerplatte Tour 

In the middle of the polish coastline, you can find a popular and well-known TriCity. It consists of Sopot, Gdynia and Gdansk. These are the most dynamic resorts with plenty of attractions for any kind of tourist. Starting from access to the seaside, travelers can relax on the beach and swim in the salty water. Typical attractions for the polish coastline are karts – characteristic vehicles that guarantee fun not only for the children but also for the adults! Ready to not only provide entertainment but also present historical treasure, TriCity offers visits to many important institutions, museums, and places of remembrance.



Gibraltar Full Day Tour 

A British Overseas Territory located in the south part of the Iberian Peninsula is a mix of Spanish and British culture. A sightseeing tour from Malaga guarantees to explore all the must-visit points. Starting from the most iconic Rock of Gibraltar and a small hike you will have an opportunity to see barbary macaques – the only population in the region of Europe! Gibraltar is also famous for numerous underground chambers which attract curious visitors. Characteristic of that region, limestone rocks are the environment where the caves appear. Check the complex itinerary and book yourself a perfect Gibraltar experience.

Seville Full Day Tour 

Seville, the heart of the Andalusian region, is one of the most magical cities in Spain. It is known not only for plenty of monuments and beautiful buildings but also for its unique atmosphere. The gothic and renaissance architecture may overwhelm you with its care for details and will leave you with exceptional insight into the rich history of this city. Although Seville is visit-worthy all year round, the best time to go there is in April, when two traditional festivals took place. The first one is connected to the Easter Holidays and is called Semana Santa, while the second is the Feria de Abril – a folklore festival.



Best of Iceland – Summer Special Tour 

Iceland is an amazing and so unique place on this Earth! Such a landscape variety and weather phenomena you will find nowhere else! Not to regret staying in Iceland, remember about all the must-sees. Visit a National Park, enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List, where you can explore the famous geothermal springs, geysers, waterfalls, and rift valleys! Other scenic views are to catch in volcanic and glacial wonderland – black sand, basalt cliffs, and happy whales await for you to explore. Nature is the definite power of Iceland.

Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights Tour

One of the most iconic Icelandic landmarks is the northern light known as the aurora. Mysterious and magical phenomena are the main point of this tour since once seen leaves you breathless and amazed. But before you catch the light, there is an Icelandic SPA waiting for you in the Blue Lagoon. Geothermal power is an experience of tranquility, relaxation, and calmness straight from nature.



Classic Lisbon Guided Tour

Lisbon is a perfect place for a short city break or a longer holiday! What you can find here is a true story about the history and culture of this region. Beautiful architecture, numerous monuments, colorful streets, delicious food, and wine are the landmarks easy to see wherever you appear. Ride in a typical white and yellow tram is only one of many iconic activities. Explore the city to the fullest! See the Belem district with Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery, enrolled on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other must-visit institutions are the Coach Museum and Ajuda National Palace – all included in the tour with Mr.Shuttle!

Porto Guided Tour 

Porto, the main destination in north Portugal, is famous for its wine export. It means that while being in Porto, you can not miss numerous vineyards and taste the most interesting wine varieties. But that is not the only thing Porto is known for. Explore Cais de Ribeira – a UNESCO World Heritage site and Se Cathedral, dated back to the XII century and was originally roman, which today after many renovations is a mixture of different architectural styles. Lastly, do not miss Sao Bento Station, called a hidden gem since on the inside there are plenty of azulejos – traditional Portuguese tiles.



Private Half-Day Temple Tour in Bangkok 

Thailand, so a remote country yet highly desirable to visit. The most famous city, Bangkok is the cultural center of Thailand. Very distinguished from what we are used to in Europe, the thai architecture and lifestyle may evoke a strong impression on any kind of traveler. Breathtaking Buddhist temples are the most important attractions in each Bangkok trip itinerary. Majestic monuments, sharp pinnacles, and every other part of the temple represent symbols such as wisdom, fire, air, and the Earth. 

Private Tour to Erawan Waterfalls 

Thailand is not all about crowded cities. Since it is an enormous and wild country, there are many natural gems to discover. Seen nowhere else in the world, animals, plants, and natural wonders are truly precious and worth traveling even from the most distant parts of the globe. Let yourself admire beautiful waterfalls, dense forests, and pure nature.




The best time to explore our planet is right now, no doubt about it! Earth has so much to offer that we should take good care of our Mother Nature, travel the world, and catch the beautiful moments.