It is with great pleasure and pride to announce that Mr. Shuttle now offers tours to the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant!Experience first hand the place that is known to be where one of the greatest man made disasters took place. I

Re-live and learn how life was like in the most prestigious nuclear power plant. We offer tours for everyone. You can select from an array of tours we offer. We have educational tours, tours for historical connoisseurs, military enthusiasts and for various professionals.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

blankThe Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is located in Kiev, the northern part of Ukraine. This abandoned ghost town was once a flourishing economic industrial power house. After the freak accident that happened on April 26, 1986, the population dropped from 14,000 residents to only about 1,000. Due to the high radiation that still haunts Chernobyl, tours must be done by professionals that know exactly where and how long is safe for tourists. Rest assured that our team of tour guides and experts know what they’re doing.

Although this town is now a torn up place with statues and monuments that will give you an eerie feel of what once stood, it is an experience like no other. The historic structures that remain standing are remnants of a place where thousands lived, economic and industrial break throughs existed, and a national treasure to Ukraine once flourished. Due to safety hazards, renovations are underway.For instance, the great nuclear power plant is being renovated into the great arch. Once finished, it will be one of the biggest arches in the world.

Towns, Military Camp and Underground in Kiev

blankWe will also take you to the towns nearby where evacuees now live. They’ll tell you stories of what went down on that fateful day. They’ll also share what life was like in this once booming industrial town. You will also get to witness never before seen videos that are strictly for visitors eyes only. Get a taste of Eastern Europe’s military expertise by visiting a military camp in Kiev. As you may know, a tour to eastern Europe would not be complete without firing some rounds through Ukrainian weapons. We’ve got you covered. Our military tour makes sure you won’t miss out on Russian armory.

We have everything from AK-47’s to Russian machine guns. Take a ride in military vehicles and visit the remains of Eastern Europe’s greatest radar system, the Duga-1 Radar. See what it’s like in the control panel of the most feared nuclear missile silos. One of the most exciting tours we offer is a visit to an unseen world, the Kiev Underground Tour. This is a tour into darkness. With expert tour guides and translators, we will take you deep into the subterranean world. Experience the labyrinths and passages that stretch for miles.

Other Tours

blankOur other tours include tours to Treblinka, Krakow, Kiev, Slavutych, Maidan, Gdansk and many more. We are proud to offer you a grand array of tours that will surely be a memorable experience. We have everything you need, from translators to transportation, tour guides to resident witnesses, and canoes to underground adventures. Book now and lets take a journey through time together!