Planning to visit Croatia this year and wondering what to do there? P

With so many beautiful places, natural wonders, and historical sights, it may be difficult to decide on where to visit first. For some inspiration, have a look below at our quick list of 10 popular things to do in Croatia. This way you can plan the best stay on the Adriatic coast.


Walk around the Old Town of Dubrovnik

The medieval walls of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are quite an experience. For us, Dubrovnik is one of the best cities to visit in Croatia and any Game of Thrones fan will probably agree. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and take a stroll along the city’s mighty walls to admire the views of the sea and red rooftops. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Breathe in some fresh air in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Considering its size, Croatia is home to an impressive number of beautiful national parks. Among the most popular ones is Plitvice Lakes National Park located in the center of the country. This is an absolute must for anyone who likes to spend time in nature. Go on a day trip here to hike and let yourself be enchanted by the lush trees, lakes and magnificent waterfalls.

Sunbathe on Croatia’s most famous beach

If you’re traveling to Croatia in the summer, you’re probably hoping to spend some time on the beach. Fortunately, Croatia will not leave you disappointed. The country is home to one of the most unique beaches in Europe – Zlatni Rat Beach (eng. Golden Horn). Its unique shape and turquoise waters make it a perfect place for sun-seekers and fans of water sports.

Explore the many islands of the Dalmatian Coast

If you’re up for some island-hopping, then Croatia provides you with a great opportunity. Those wishing to get away from the crowds and city noise should visit the uninhabited island of Lokrum. It’s easily accessible by ferry from Dubrovnik. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more glamourous with historic sights, but also cocktails, yachts and parties involved, head to Hvar.

Visit interesting museums and take a coffee break in Zagreb

Croatia’s capital, although not as touristy as other cities in the country, is home to some great museums and cafes. Ever thought of visiting a museum dedicated to failed relationships? Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships is quite a unique and popular place on the map of Croatia, so if you’re looking for something different, this is the place for you. Zagreb is also known for its serious coffee scene so make sure to stop for a cup at one of the many cafes in between the sightseeing.

Experience life inside Diocletian’s Palace in Split

A Roman Emperor’s palace from the 4th century is the top attraction to visit in Split. Don’t expect to see a palace, though. It is more of a complex which occupies half of the city’s old town. In fact, people live within it and there are even restaurants and shops.

Explore the Roman ruins in Pula

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or not, seeing the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre in Pula will be worth your time. To this day, this impressive structure is a setting for concerts and movies. There are also some other ruins worth seeing like the Temple of Augustus or Arch of Sergii.

Listen to the music played by the sea

Zadar boasts a unique attraction that you won’t find anywhere else. The Sea Organ is an instrument built in marble stairs. It consists of pipes and produces sounds when hit by waves. The resulting music is quite an eerie spectacle that no visitor to Zadar should miss.

Taste Croatian wine

Croatia is probably not the first place that comes to your mind when thinking about wine, but it should. There are plenty of vineyards and wineries in the country, particularly in Istria and Dalmatia regions. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll have quite a selection of wines to choose from and wineries to visit.

Take it slow in Rovinj

Have a stroll and relax while drinking coffee or something stronger in the Old Town of Rovinj. Located in the region of Istria, this small town is full of charm, delicious seafood, and Italian influences. A perfect destination for those looking for a quiet place not crowded with tourists.


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