What is the current COVID-19 situation in Poland?

Projections of the future in Poland are looking bright. While some people were afraid Poland will succumb to the third wave of coronavirus, the country has stood up to the challenge. One of the most important things is that after vaccinating essential professions, Poland has moved to vaccinate everybody.

The approach chosen by Poland is a generational one. From the oldest to the youngest, people are asked to schedule their vaccination in an organized, structured manner. The main goal is to have everybody set up for a vaccine before the end of August and to reach the WHO-advised 70% threshold of the vaccinated population as soon as possible. Things look optimistic in this regard – Poland has secured enough vaccines to do so in near future.   But that is indeed the future. What is going in Poland right now? 


Relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown in Poland

In face of the optimistic and hopeful estimations of the future, the Polish government decided to begin the process of removing and relaxing COVID-19 related restrictions. For example, the country plans to return all students to schools before the end of May. Expectations are quite high, as you can see! The process is going to be gradual, with changes implemented over the course of May. 

Here is a timeline for relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown in Poland:

  • MAY 4th
    culturereopening of art galleries and museums. This means that many of the best tourist attractions in Poland will be available again! For your safety, some of the special sanitary rules will persist, like a limit of 1 visitor per 15m2. 

  • MAY 8th
    hotels reopening of hotels for visitors. This means that you can book your stay in Poland and enjoy the comfort of your favourite hotel! To make sure all visitors are safe, some restrictions will initially persist, to be removed later. A hotel can host up to half of the maximum possible guests, and some of the services (like wellness areas&spas, restaurants) will be unavailable at first.
  • MAY 15th
    Changes in mask rulesmasks outdoors no longer necessary. If everything goes according to the plan, you will be no longer required to wear masks outside! Hopefully, we will all be able to enjoy beautiful polish May safely without masks. There will be no changes to the requirement of wearing masks indoors at that moment. Outdoor restaurants and external catering – reopening of outdoor dining and beer gardens. The best way to enjoy May weather is outside. Soon, you will be able to enjoy Polish cuisine not only through taking out and food delivery. It will be possible also in outdoor gardens next to the restaurants themselves. This will be still done with respect to sanitary rules. A proper distance will be kept between each table, and everything will be regularly disinfected. 

Will Poland be a good place to visit this summer?

Everything seems to aim in that direction! Summer is traditionally full of thrilling and fun tourist attractions, and people have been itching to finally unwind and relax in celebration of vaccination. Expect many interesting promotions and exciting options! Also, remember that if you are vaccinated, you can enter Poland freely and with no quarantine. Make sure to be on the lookout for good deals and travel opportunities! If you are not vaccinated yet but want to avoid quarantine in Poland, take a look at this article: How to avoid quarantine after arrival in Poland?