Poznan, Poland

The capital of Greater Poland

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Poznan tours

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Poznań is the capital of Greater Poland, and one of the most splendid cities in the country. Famous for its Cytadela Park and the Imperial Palace of Wilhelm the II, Poznań is a city bursting with life. Known as the City of Students, Poznań thrives with many festivals, concerts, happenings, and events. Thanks to Adam Mickiewicz University, it attracts many brilliant and intelligent people from not only Poland but also other countries. And those young people love to party as hard as they study! Because of this, make sure to check out what are events are taking place when you are visiting. There is always something happening in Poznań Due to its convenient location, Poznań has a great airport. If you need transport to Poznań or want to go to one of the other Polish tourist destinations, such as Kraków, MrShuttle offers a wide selection of airport transfers to suit your needs.

Can you get door-to-door transport in Poznan?

Yes! You can get door-to-door airport transport and tours in Poznań. They are MrShuttle specialty. If you don’t know what a door-to-door service is, do not worry. It basically means that you tell us a pickup point and a destination you want to get to, and we drive you there! Simple, easy, safe and cheap. Why is it cheap? Many transport services will charge you based on the distance traveled or time it took to drive you around. This makes the cost of the trip be different based on your destination. With MrShuttle, this is not a problem. You always pay the same fixed amount, even if you are literally traveling from one end of Poznan to another. In case of tours and trips, this also means that we will take you to the location where the tour is taking place, and when it is all over, we will drop you back at a point of your choice. Can be your hotel, might be a restaurant you want to eat at, the Old Town where you want to go sightseeing, or anywhere else. The only rule is that it has to be within Poznań.


Can you get English speaking guides in Poznan?

Yes! MrShuttle wants you to have the best experience available, and we believe that it is impossible to fully discover and appreciate the history of Polish places without a guide. Because of this, we always aim to make our tours and trips be always available in the English language, and other languages if possible. We only work with the best guides and drivers, and being able to speak the English language is a requirement for anyone working with tourists. Do not be afraid to ask our guides and drivers any questions you might have. They will do their best to answer and fulfill any requests you might have. Your experience is our priority. Our staff knows Poznan well, so make small talk and let your curiosity run free. They might tell you about something you would not discover by yourself, such as a cool place to have dinner or some of the neat city secrets you won’t find online.

Where can you ask questions about Poznan and Poznan tours?

At the bottom of this very page, you can find frequently asked questions answered in the FAQ. If the answer for your question is not there, contact us. You can phone call us, email us, or chat with us using the chat in the corner of this page. If you want more information about Poland and Poznan, check out our blog! Our blog posts cover a wide range of topics, from historical information about cities we work in, to the TOP best lists of things.

Tours in Poznan

The best tour to start sightseeing in Poznan is the private Poznan Highlights Tour. During this private guided tour, you will discover and experience the most important and interesting places Poznan has to offer. This tour will take you to the Old Market Square, the Town Hall, the Cathedral Island of Ostrów Tumski, the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Parish Church of St. Stanislaus, the Imperial Castle, and the Grand Theatre. The great and unique thing about this tour is that to save you as much time as possible, we will drive you around in a car when necessary. This way, you can enjoy sightseeing despite the highlights being spread all over the city.

Private Poznan Beer Tour is a more relaxed way to enjoy the city. During this tour, you will be taken to some of the best bars in Poznan to experience 7 types of beer. The names and localizations of the selected bars is secret, so if you want to discover which ones are so good, you will have to join us! Some of these are among the best and most unique Polish beers according to certain reviews.

The Origins of Poland Tour will take you outside of Poznań for a trip into the history of Poland. It will start from the very beginning of recorded history in Poland. You will see where the christening took place and see one of the most impressive open-air museums in Poland.

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I highly recommend this company. The car for 6 people was waiting for us even before the scheduled time. The drivers were super nice and the car (minibus) clean and comfortable. Good price too and you can pay in cash or credit card if you order via website.

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Chris M.

Easy to book, drivers arrived on time, well priced, glad we used them, made the transfers hassle free.

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Excellent company! We booked a transfer with the company as we were originally due to arrive at night. However, our flight was cancelled and we had to re-arrange both the dates and the hotel we were staying at. The driver who picked us up was very polite and waiting for us when we came out of the arrivals door, the vehicle was spotlessly clean as well. Recommend this company both for transfers and tours!

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

Poznań is a colorful, enchanting and charming city! You will find many attractions here. For example, the Royal Castle, which hosts the National Museum inside. Enjoy a walk through the beautiful Old Market Square, flanked by scenic townhouses. While there, take a look at the Town Hall and the nearby Museum of the Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918-1919. You probably heard about the Fighting Goats of Poznań - look for them in the Town Hall’s tower! “Rogal Święcomarciński” is considered to be the sweetest symbol of the city, and if you want to know why, visit the Święty Marcin Street. Want to know why? Visit the Poznan Croissant Museum! When you are done, take a walk near the remnants of the old city walls, towards the Church of St. Wojciech. This church is as old as the XIII century, and has a pretty unique look and story.

Poznań-Ławica Airport is located 8 km from the city center of Poznań. The easiest way to reach the city is using a car. A ride takes around 20-25 minutes. Using public transport is possible, but takes twice as much time. Typical public transport trip is around 45-55 minutes. The best way to get to Poznań is with MrShuttle. We offer door-to-door airport transport. Enjoy a meet-and-greet and then a direct ride to your destination. You don’t have to take care of anything, just sit back and relax, no stress just rest. Don’t worry about waiting for us or having to look for our drivers - we will be there ahead of time, waiting for you even before your plane lands.

Poznań is the capital of Greater Poland, and thus makes for a great starting point when exploring this region. One of the most popular and best destinations is Gniezno. Gniezno was the first historic capital of Poland, predating even Kraków! Only 51km away from the city, it is definitely worth seeing. Get awed by the Royal Gniezno Cathedral. Ever heard of Gniezno Doors? See them yourself! Gniezno City Square and the Town House are also very pleasant. If you like nature, Wielkopolski National Park is pretty unique and breathtaking! Its most famous for its glacial lakes, such as Redkowskie Lake.

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