Origins of Poland Day Tour

Origins of Poland Day Tour
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Origins of Poland Day Tour

Trip Itinerary

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    Ostrow Lednicki

    FERRY CROSSING TO THE ISLAND! The Early Piast Residence with Museum of the First Piasts – the most probable site of baptism of the first Polish rulers with ruins from 10th century. One of the most important places in the national history of Poland.

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    Dziekanowice open-air museum

    It is a part of Museum of the First Piasts. This is one of the biggest Polish museums on fresh air. It copies first Polish settlement for 10th century. You can see how first Poles lived.

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    Transfer and Hotel Drop off

Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic conditions and guides availability.

Tour Highlights: Ostrow Island and Dziekanowice Open-Air Museum

Are you fascinated by the origins of nations and the historical events that shaped them? If you have a keen interest in Poland's beginnings and the significance of its christening, then the Origins of Poland Day Tour is tailor-made for you! This captivating tour provides a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of Poland and its founders. Prepare to embark on a journey that takes you back in time to witness the birth of a nation and explore the architectural remnants of its early days.

Ostrow Island: Reliving the Momentous Christening of 966

Step aboard a ferry and set sail to Ostrow Island, the very place where the pivotal christening of Poland took place in 966. As you walk in the footsteps of the nation's ancestors, you'll be transported back in time to witness the baptism that played a crucial role in shaping Poland's destiny. Feel the weight of history as you stand on this hallowed ground and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of this event in Polish history.

Dziekanowice Open-Air Museum: Immersing Yourself in the 10th Century

Next on the itinerary is a visit to the Dziekanowice Open-Air Museum, a remarkable heritage park that offers a vivid glimpse into Poland's past. Step into a meticulously recreated 10th-century setting and find yourself surrounded by authentic buildings from the era. From traditional homes to craftsmen's workshops, the museum brings the past to life with remarkable accuracy. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the 10th century, gaining insights into the daily lives and customs of Poland's early inhabitants.

Practical Advice for Planning Your Day Trip from Poznan

If you're considering embarking on the Origins of Poland Day Tour during your stay in Poznan, here are a few practical tips to help you make the most of your experience:

1. Eat an early breakfast:

To ensure a smooth start to your day, make sure to have your breakfast early. The tour organizers will pick you up between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., so fuel up beforehand.

2. Prepare for changing weather conditions:

Polish weather can be unpredictable, so it's wise to be prepared. Carry an umbrella, an extra jumper, or a backpack to accommodate any changes in weather. If you find that you don't need these items, you can always leave them on the bus.

3. Opt for comfortable footwear:

As this is a walking tour, it's important to wear comfortable shoes that can withstand a fair amount of walking. This will ensure that you can fully enjoy the tour without discomfort.

4. Pack a jacket for chilly weather:

If the weather is cloudy and chilly, it's advisable to bring an extra jacket to keep yourself warm. Additionally, it can get quite windy, so be prepared for potential gusts of wind.

5. Return to Poznan around 2-3 p.m.:

After an enriching day of exploration and discovery, you can expect to arrive back in Poznan around 2-3 p.m. Plan your schedule accordingly and savor the memories of the Origins of Poland Day Tour.

Embark on a Journey Through Time

The Origins of Poland Day Tour offers an extraordinary opportunity to unravel the mysteries of Poland's beginnings and witness the birth of a nation. From the historic grounds of Ostrow Island to the immersive experience at the Dziekanowice Open-Air Museum, this tour will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Poland's rich cultural heritage. Step into the shoes of the past, embrace the history, and create lasting memories as you delve into the origins of Poland.

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Please note that this tour is not available on: 25th of December, 1st of January, Easter Saturday afternoon and Easter Sunday.Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic.

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Please note that this tour is not available on: 25th of December, 1st of January, Easter Saturday afternoon and Easter Sunday.

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