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Rzeszów - the city of innovation


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The capital of Subcarpathia

Rzeszow – the city of innovation

It is not a surprise that Rzeszow is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. The Old Town, its many churches and synagogues, and Main Market Square are wonderfully preserved and serve as a perfect way to experience the past.
Because of its location near the southeastern border of Poland, it serves as a great base of exploration when visiting the region and nearby countries. MrShuttle offers transfers to and from Rzeszow both within Poland, but also to Slovakia.

Rzeszow bussines zone

Rzeszow is the biggest city in southeastern Poland and the capital of Subcarpatian Voivodeship. This once small city is currently going through a small revolution, rapidly growing in all possible ways. Its population is going up, many businesses are heavily investing in it, and high-quality education is ensured by fantastic schools. Because of this, Rzeszow is considered to be one of the most elite cities in the country, boasting an incredibly high standard of living.

Travel to Rzeszow and Subcarpatian Voivodeship 

If you are in Rzeszow, you cannot miss the Bieszczady National Park! Climb the Tarnica Peak, relax at the Soliński Lake. Visit Sanok and the nearby enchanting Museum of Folk Architecture. About 30 minutes from Rzeszow you can find Lancut and its breathtaking Lubomirski and Potocki Castle, once the home of the rich and powerful. Podkarpackie Voivodeship is an important center of Jewish culture and history, so you will find many traditional synagogues and cemeteries in places such as Lezajsk, Lancut, Krosno and Dynow.

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Rzeszów is currently in the middle of a bustling revolution! Changing from day to day, it is growing at an amazing rate, so beware - every day you are not there, something changes forever! See the City Square, Lubomirski Castle, and walk the Underground Tourist Route. The dazzling City Hall will amaze you, and you will be surprised by how many churches there are in Rzeszów. Still, many argue they pale compared to The Lubomirski Summer Palace. See them for yourself and tell us what do you think!

Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport is located in a village of Jasionka, about 12km from the Rzeszów city center. When you see “village”, you might think of an old, archaic airport, but the truth is actually totally opposite! Rzeszów-Jesionka is super advanced and is actually attracting many businesses wanting to open up nearby. There is a reason why Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park Aeropolis is literally adjacent to it! There are many international connections available here, such as Monachium, London, Manchester, East Midlands, Dublin or Bristol. There are multiple flights per day, which also include connections to other cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, Gdańsk or Szczecin. However, the nearby airport in Kraków has even better international connections than Rzeszów-Jesionka. If you want to reach Rzeszów from Kraków, it only takes 1hour and 40 minutes. If your starting point is in Katowice-Pyrzowice, its 2h and 40 minutes. You have to consider which fits you better - a direct flight to Rzeszów, or a flight to Kraków or Pyrzowice? In all of these cases, you can count on MrShuttle! We offer door-to-door transfers from all of these locations. With us, you will reach your destination fast, no stress. Just relax and rest. Nobody likes taking care of things when jet lagged, so be smart and let us take care of things, in advance.

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