Gdansk, also known as Danzig, is one of the hottest Baltic spots. If you want to visit Poland and enjoy the Baltic Sea, there is no better choice than Visiting Gdansk in 2022. G

A part of Trojmiasto agglomeration, also known as Tricity in English, Gdansk is the most prominent and iconic out of the three cities by far. Along with Sopot and Gdynia, it offers a unique opportunity to experience the joys of northern Poland accompanied with a relaxing sea breeze. If you want to have fun at the Baltic, visiting Gdansk in 2022 is your best bet.

Such a beautiful city must be expensive to visit, right? Well, not necessarily! If you are smart, well prepared, and do your research, you can avoid many of the pitfalls and traps that lead to unnecessary costs. Knowing is half the battle! We prepared a list of potential expenses and approximations of how much you should expect to spend in Gdansk. Hopefully this way you can get the best for the least!

What is Trójmiasto? Why is it called Tricity? Is Gdansk the same as 3City?

Trójmiasto is a metropolitan area consisting of Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia. These three cities used to be separate, but they grew so large and close, that it became much more practical and economical for them to cooperate and work almost like a single megacity. This is why they are called Trójmisto, Tricity, and 3City. It all means the same. Sounds cool? It is! But…what does it mean for you, a tourist visiting Gdansk in 2022. It means that the other two cities are just a short trip away! While you should of course primarily focus on exploring Gdansk itself, do keep your options open. Sopot and Gdynia have much to offer and can be a fun side-trip just to spice up things a little.

How Expensive Is Gdansk?

While Gdansk is one of the hottest tourist spots in Poland, it didn’t make the top 3 most expensive cities in Poland. Those are Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. Gdańsk is cheaper than all three of those, while still offering top-notch quality and experience. If you are considering your destination in Poland from an economical point of view, 3City is a great choice. Highly recommended. Visiting Gdansk in 2022 is a good choice for anybody looking for an economical, but amazing sea-side vacation.

Should I Carry Cash?

Nothing sours a meal like being told that the tasty thing you want cannot be bought using your cash or credit card. Knowing what to expect is key for good preparations. Poland used to be very cash-heavy in the past, but recently, pretty much all major cities moved towards digital payments and credit cards. There are still many ATMs to be found if you really feel more comfortable with cash, and “Kantor” offers good exchange rates. Carrying some cash on you is always a good emergency option since some of the smaller businesses might still operate on a cash-only basis. Still, expect the majority of your purchases and expenses by covered by a credit or debit card when visiting Gdansk in 2022.

If you find this stressful or annoying, MrShuttle can help you figure out what specifically can be or cannot be bought this way. If you really want tickets to somewhere and are unsure how to purchase them, we can do it for you.  With MrShuttle helping you, visiting Gdansk in 2022 is going to be easy and smooth.

Hotels and Accommodations – Where To Stay In Gdansk in 2022?

Choosing where to stay can make or break your entire trip. Finding a balance between comfort, localization, and affordable price is tricky. The better localization, the faster and easier you can get to the fun parts of your trip! Room services let you focus on having fun, rather than doing chores. All of that does put a strain on your wallet, though. So you must ask yourself – what do I want from my lodgings?


If your answer is “I want to not care about anything other than having fun”, go for hotels.

Hotels make for an amazing all-purpose base. Room service, breakfast, anything you can dream of can be found in a hotel. WiFi access is basically a guarantee, so stay connected with friends and family. Additionally, due to increasing awareness of pet and animal issues, more and more hotels allow your furry friend to stay. Why leave your dog or cat behind? Let them come too! If you can’t find one, contact us – we will help you search.

For All-Inclusive adventure, a combo of MrShuttle + 4 or 5 stars hotel is a perfect way to experience Gdansk when visiting in 2022.
On average, you will pay around 240zł – 52.76 EUR – per night.

Tourist Apartment

Still, want some luxury without having hotel staff take care of you? Maybe you don’t like having other people around and want some privacy? Do you enjoy making your own meals? Then Tourist Apartments are just for you! You get to do whatever you want. Ideal if you value privacy and freedom. And if you travel in a group, well, you can party without disturbing others! Just make sure to clean up after yourself. On average, you will pay around 190zł – 41.77 EUR – per night.


If sharing a room with strangers is OK with you, then consider booking a bed at a hostel. Cheap and generally well located, these shared spaces are perfect if you don’t care about anything other than having a place to store your things in and to sleep at. And hey, the extra company might be actually a boon! Who knows what kind of interesting travelers you will meet? Many friendships were started by bored tourists in a hostel joining in on a conversation. Maybe you will be able to make new friends too when visiting Gdansk in 2022?

If you are traveling with a large group, such as your family or if you are traveling with friends, you might be actually able to book out an entire room. This way, you get all the boons of a hostel, but none of the downsides. We recommend trying it out if there are 4 or more of you!

A night at a hostel can be as cheap as 25zł – 5.63 EUR!

Guest Rooms & Homestays

The final option to consider is Homestays, also known as Guest Rooms. Since 3City is such a hot tourist hub, many citizens figured out that they can make use of the extra space they have at home, such as when their kids move out. Rather than letting it go to waste, they turn it into a room to rent out to tourists! Cheap prices, friendly owners, and the possibility of maybe getting a great dinner make this a tempting alternative. If you feel uncomfortable about living at somebody’s home, do note that many Guest Rooms are distinctly separated from the rest of the household. Separate entrances, separate bathrooms, separate kitchens – everything depends on a given Homestay. They are as unique as their owners, so experiment and look around. If you are brave, give homestays a try when visiting Gdansk in 2022.

Because of that, the price range is pretty wide, starting at 30zł and 150zł being a common option, so between 6.75 EUR and 33.76 EUR.

Transportation – What is the best way to go around 3City when visiting in 2022?

Since you have effectively THREE different cities to see when staying at Gdansk, figuring out the best transport available is very important. Hopefully, this summary will help you choose the best option available.

If you want to go from point A to B right now, you could call a Taxi. While easy and quick, Taxis tend to be the most expensive option available. All Taxis require an initial fee of 9zł – 1.98 EUR. Then, you need to pay for the distance traveled, usually around 4zł -0,88 EUR – per kilometer. Do note that there is also a minimum cost you have to pay if the distance traveled is too small, and you have to pay extra if you make the Taxi wait. Additionally, since a lot of people use taxis, you might actually have a hard time finding one available. And who wants to sour their amazing dinner by having to wait half an hour for an overpriced Taxi?


If you know where you will want to go in advance, or when you will be coming back to your hotel, contact MrShuttle. We can take you from anywhere to anywhere within Trójmiasto. Even from one city to another! Just tell you where to pick you up, and where to drop you off, and there we go! This way, you can have a truly door-to-door experience in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Since the prices are calculated individually, do not be afraid to ask. We will work something out that will leave you satisfied. We can even plan out an entire trip with you involving multiple stops. All the comfort of a taxi, without the downsides.

City Transport

Still, you might want to move around the city on your own at least from time to time. Tricity has a pretty good public transport system, so it can be pretty useful to tap into that. In fact, you can reach the beach this way, no problems! Do not forget your ticket, since getting fined for not having one is a sure way to ruin your mood. You can buy tickets using a credit card, so just find one of the many ticket machines and get an extra-long ticket so you don’t have to think about it for the rest of your stay. A metropolitan ticket covers ENTIRETY of 3miasto, regardless of where you buy it. 72 hours long metropolitan ticket costs 46zł, which is 10,11 EUR.

You can purchase the metropolitan ticket as a part of the Tourist Card, which raises the price to 66zł – 14,10 EUR – but also includes the ability to freely enter many museums. It also bestows multiple discounts on you. The Tourist Card comes with a variety of packages, too.

If you want to get a Tourist Card for your stay, call us. We can help you purchase it and pick the option that fills your individual needs. Just mention it when booking your transport or trip with MrShuttle!

To get around the Trójmiasto quickly, we recommend taking a look at SKM, Szybka Kolej Miejska, “Fast City Train”. This city train is pretty good for moving from one city to another. According to locals, this is their favorite way of moving around fast and clean.

Renting a Car

What locals do NOT recommend is trying to move around in a car. Trójcity is known for its constant traffic jams. Hard to navigate and unfriendly to newcomers, trying to explore it on your own will leave you frustrated. While experienced drivers, such as those at MrShuttle know the rhythm of the city and can sneak you to your destination while avoiding the traffic jams, somebody who hasn’t spent days driving around will not be able to do that. While you can rent a car at about 100 zł – 300 zł, or 21.97 EUR – 65,92 EUR, it is honestly just a bad idea.

However, the worst is finding a parking spot. Finding a parking spot for your car in Trójmiasto is a cutthroat competition since the problem is not the cost, but the availability of the spots. Avoid renting a car, because even if you manage to understand how to move around the city, you will find yourself not having a place to leave your car behind. And that is simply frustrating, not fun. What good is a car that you can’t leave behind?

Renting a Bike

If you are a bike lover, you probably googled the “bike transport in 3city” and got excited with search results telling you to rent a bike at MEVO. However, you will be disappointed. That information is outdated, and MEVO was taken down. You cannot rent a bike through MEVO when visiting Gdansk in 2022. Tricity is currently looking into restarting the project somehow, but currently and in the nearby future, there is NO city bike system in Trójmiasto. However, there are private bike-rental services you might want to look into. The city infrastructure is bike-friendly, so if you are a fan of cycling, take a look at Rent A Bike and similar services.




Water Tram

Finally, make sure to take a Water Tram at least once. Water Tram can take you around the city on a lazy, but pleasant trip. Do note however that you pay the full price for a ticket regardless of how far you travel with it. Consider it more of an attraction costing 20zł – 4,39 EUR – than a way to move around the city daily. If you decided to rent a bike, you can take it on board too, but remember it will cost you an additional 5zł – 1.10 EUR.


To plan out your route, we suggest using JakDojade. Friendly and easy app available in English, it will show you the fastest way to go from Point A to Point B. Many locals use it to figure out their way around, so you can trust it. Still, for larger or more complicated trips you can plan in advance, we suggest using pre-booked transport. Download it on your phone and make it easy on yourself when visiting Gdansk in 2022.

Food and Drinks in Gdansk – how much to expect when visiting in 2022?

With accommodations and transportation out of the way, let’s focus on food and drinks. You have to eat something to have the energy to enjoy Gdansk, after all!

First, you should figure out your preferences. Do you want to cook for yourself? Or eat at restaurants and in your hotel? Perhaps you want to mix it up a little? Don’t worry, with smart planning, anything is possible to do! Cooking is a particularly great choice while staying at an apartment, since this way you can have exactly what you want, how you want, for cheap. If you don’t have time or don’t like cooking, or are staying at a hotel or a hostel, there are many restaurants covering the entire price range, from cheap to luxury.

Cooking Your Own Food

If you decide to go cooking, try to shop at supermarkets. They have by far the best prices and best selection of goods. 20zł – 4.49 EUR – per person is enough to have a good, filling meal every day. Remember to buy a lot of water, since hydration is important. There is no shame in carrying your own bottled water around! Staying hydrated is key to remaining healthy and full of energy, especially when spending time actively.



There is a ton of amazing food places in Gdansk. 23zł – 5.16 EUR is enough for a good and respectable meal at a local restaurant. Of course, many places will have slightly higher prices, but this is what you should expect, on average.

If you like ethnic food, Trójmiasto has you covered. Pizza and typical Asian restaurants cost around 30zł – 6.73 EUR. Do note that in Poland, Chinese Restaurants tend to be pretty economical, while Japanese Restaurants tend to be the most expensive ones. A meal at a Chinese restaurant might be as cheap as 20zł – 4.49 EUR, while a meal at a Japanese restaurant can cost 4 times that, around 88zł – 19,34 EUR! You should expect an average, mid-range restaurant to cost somewhere around 40zł – 8,79 EUR. If you want to know about more luxury and special places to eat at when visiting Gdansk in 2022…well…we might have some propositions for you later in this article. So scroll down and keep reading!

Of course, restaurants are fine and cool, but sometimes you just want to grab a burger and move along. Fast Food is popular in Gdansk, and you can find all your favorites here, like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. Average fast food meal like that costs 20zł – 4,39 EUR.

Drinks & Beverages

Not all drinking is done to hydrate yourself. Sometimes, you want to drink for fun! A beer at a bar or beer garden costs around 8zł – 1,76 EUR. If you want to drink back at your apartment, you can buy alcohol at a convenience store, for about 3zł – 0.673 EUR per can. Bottled alcohol, such as whiskey, vodka and rum, is also available. Just remember that it will be much more expensive. You can purchase midrange alcoholfor 60zł – 13.47 EUR. Don’t be surprised if you find alcohol costing hundreds of złoty, though. If you want to bring gifts back from Poland, you might consider Polish alcohol. From the polish side, you do not have to worry about laws, unless you are moving an impractically large volume of alcohol across the border. As long as you are going for personal use, you have nothing to worry about.

Arriving At Gdansk in 2022 – Airport Transfer With MrShuttle

Visiting Gdansk in 2021. Best airport transfers only with

Bus & Cabs

Every trip has to start with getting to your hotel from your Airport. Nobody likes it, but it cannot be avoided or skipped. Let’s try to make this process as painless as possible. The Lech Wałęsa Airport is 10kilometers from the city. The 210 bus line can get you to the city between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Sounds long and boring? It honestly is. A shuttle bus to the city center is available and is slightly faster, but obviously, it won’t drop you off at your hotel. You still need to travel the rest of the distance yourself, and that is not a fun thing to do when tired after a flight and carrying around all your luggage.

However, fight off the temptation to grab one of the private cabs waiting for you outside the airport. They camouflage as legit taxis and prey on jet-lagged tourists wanting to get to their hotel as fast as possible. They are overpriced, unsafe and often illegal. Just avoid them altogether and save yourself unnecessary trouble.

Airport Transfer With MrShuttle

The best way to get to your hotel is a door-to-door service that picks you up at the airport and drops you off directly at your lodgings. No need to walk, no need to look around and get frustrated with confusing maps. What could it be? Well… MrShuttle Airport Transfers, for example! We provide pre-paid and pre-arranged private transfers. Available online from anywhere in the world! There are multiple ways you can book a transfer with us – through our website, chat, email, phone call. Pick whatever is the most comfortable for you. Quick and easy, with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Between 5 and 15 minutes of preparation can save you from a headache that might sour the first day of your trip. Why risk it? Our rides are very comfy and our drivers are friendly, ready to meet and greet you the moment you land. By the way, if you are confused by the“door-to-door”- it means that we will take care of you from the moment you land to the moment you reach your stay. Help with your luggage, answering any questions and a big smile are all included.

Flight Delay & Cancellation

In case of a flight delay, do not worry. Our drivers are not packing up and going away the moment you are late. In fact, they will wait for you, so do not worry! If you booked transport at MrShuttle, we will be there, no matter how long it takes. We prize your trust, and won’t betray it. You can trust us to be there when you need us. Additionally, if there is any confusion regarding where is the hotel, hostel, apartment or homestay when we get to the address you give us, we will help you find the place.

We know Gdańsk can be confusing, and you might have trouble asking people around. It might take 5 minutes of our time, but save you a lot of anxiety and stress. Your smile is worth it to us. Also, if for whatever reason you need to cancel your transport with MrShuttle, do not worry. We understand, and will not demand any additional fees if you do it within 24hours of the scheduled transport. Rescheduling is also not a problem. Don’t worry.

Best Tricity Tours and Trips When Visiting Gdansk in 2022

How much can you see in a day? This is a natural question every tourist asks themselves. Since your time is limited, you want to be as efficient about it as possible. Nobody likes to be wasteful and miss out on the coolest stuff simply because of some logistical misstep. Even worse, some things are simply hidden and unobvious. The Internet is helpful, but it will never be as good at showing you around a new city as a  local guide who lives and breathes it.

To help you get the most out of your time, we prepared some day trips and tour propositions just for you. Let us worry about the boring logistics and tiresome things like figuring out the most optimal and efficient sightseeing route. This way, you don’t have to worry about wasting time or missing things. In fact, you might see some things that the internet won’t tell you about. Each city has its secrets and hidden gems, and 3City is no different.

Gdansk By Night Walking Tour

Visiting Gdansk in 2021. Picturesque view of Gdansk Crane. Admire the beauty of the city.

Curious about these secrets of Gdansk? Sign up for our Gdańsk by night walking tour! There is no better time for delving into things hidden and exciting than under the cover of night. With our English-speaking expert guide, you will walk the Royal Route. You will witness the majesty of Artus Court, go through the Golden and Green Gates, and see the almighty Great Crane. Do not worry if you already saw it during the day – it looks even mightier at night. Seeing it will probably will your head with questions – how did it work? How long was it used? How was it even possible? The Great Crane is a technological marvel that far surpassed anything of its age, only becoming obsolete relatively recently. There is a lot to talk about it, so ask the guide. This way, you will learn more than you can from an English website.

There are many other things you will see during the tour, but its finale will be at Piwnica Rajców. You will be able to chill and rest. Piwnica doubles as both a brewery AND a restaurant. We decided to make it the final stop of the night since a good walk will most likely leave you hungry, so it is a perfect finish. Enjoy your craft beer and traditional local cuisine!

Foodpairing Dinner at Elixir

If we made you hungry with that note, sorry! Hopefully, our foodpairing dinner in one of the best restaurants in Gdańsk can make up for it! The three-dish menu with foodpaired drinks will make you appreciate dining in a way you never did before! But wait, “foodpairing”? What IS foodpairing? That is a good question!

While you might think it is just a fancy term with no real meaning behind it, you would be really wrong about it! Foodpairing is a science figuring out what foodstuffs and ingredients go together really well. This includes multiple angles and factors, and aims to create a dish that is both healthy and delicious.

To make the most out of the experience, foodpairers diligently study tastes, aromas and other qualities. The technology is based on the scientific method and our understanding of human perception of flavor. You won’t find this art everywhere, as it requires a lot of training and education. This is a rarity even in 2022!

This is what makes the Eliksir restaurant so special, and why we decided to highlight it. It truly is one of its kind! Even the name – Eliksir – is perfectly designed. “Eliksir” – polish for Elixir – is a mixture made using alchemy and medicine, that combines things to create something entirely new and unique.

Fair warning – you will want to do it again! It might be also one of the best places to take your date to a romantic dinner. Absolutely do not skip this chance when visiting Gdansk in 2022.

Dinner at Olivia Star Observation Deck

livia Star is one of these places where you can eat a romantic dinner visiting Gdansk in 2021.

Another great place to have your premium dinner is Olivia Star Observation Deck! This two-hour-long experience will show off Gdańsk from the above. We are confident there are no better-elevated places to witness the city from while having a nice drink. Found one? Email or call us! Still, you should trust the locals – usually, you would need to wait in line for potentially hours to get in, since it is so in demand. However, we can help you skip the line! We know how and when to book it just right. Enjoy your food, enjoy your sights, and other things! Olivia Star is a hub of culture, so have fun. Another advantage is that once you are done, we will take you to your hotel and drop you off safely, so you have nothing to worry about.

Gdańsk by Kayak & Yachting Tour

But what will you do with all these calories you just ate? The best thing is to work it off! Since water is quintessential to Gdańsk, it should not be a surprise that one of the top attractions is kayaking. Gdańsk by Kayak is a healthy, fun sporty adventure that will show you around the city using its ever-present water routes. Grab your paddle (or ours – we provide you with all the necessary equipment!) and join in the fun. And if you want to go beyond the city, straight into Sopot Marina, the Sopot 2 hour premium yachting regular tour will scratch that itch. It is a great way to experience the sunset. Just like in the movies! Seize the opportunity and go yachting or kayaking when visiting Gdansk in 2022!

Gdansk Extreme Ride – The 4×4 Adventure

Is paddling or yachting not enough adrenaline for you? Then consider Gdańsk Extreme Ride that will take you on a hardcore adventure in one of these amazing 4×4 cars! It is a perfect break from all the water-related attractions in 3City. If you have no experience with this kind of ride, do not worry. Our staff is great at teaching newcomers and will take extra care to make it double-safe for you. And if you are already an expert, then well…go wild! Two hours of rough riding await!



Teutonic History – Marlbork Castle Tour

Are you Visiting Gdansk in 2021? Don't miss Malbork Castle, one of the most beautiful in Europe!

If you want to leave 3City for a bit, there are other interesting options available! Marlbork Castle Regular Tour reigns like a king, consistently sitting in the Gdansk Bestselling Tours since medieval history. 15 million Teutonic bricks made this castle a seat of power for Teutonic Knight Order. It dwarfs Windsor Castle in size, and attracts more than 500 000 visitors yearly! If you are interested in medieval history, this once a castle, now a museum will allow you to feel like you are transported back in time. One of the greatest collections of medieval items awaits you on this 6-hour tour. After this tour, you will know who and what were the Teutonic Knights, who was this Grand Master guy and why he had his own palace, and much much more!


First and the Last – Stutthoff Concentration Camp

Visiting Gdansk in 2021 it's worth stopping for a moment. Stutthof Concentration Camp is one of those places which you should see.

If you are interested in more recent history, Stutthoff Concentration Camp Tour will allow you to pay your respect to the victims of World War II. One of the first concentration camps to be founded, and last to be liberated, Stutthoff is a grim reminder of the atrocities that took place there less than a hundred years ago. While this is not a happy trip, it is an important one. These things should not be forgotten. Help humanity remembers so it never repeats these crimes.



Tricity And Westerplatte 1 Day Tour

You cannot talk about World War II and Gdańsk without mentioning Westerplatte. This is where World War II began. Many are still unaware of how the war started exactly. If you want to know, Tricity And Westerplatte 1 Day Tour include a detailed and respectful visit to Westerplatte, where a professional local guide will explain the historical context and answer any of your questions. You will also get to explore battleship “Błyskawica”, the frigate “Dar Pomorza” and learn the heroic history of the Polish navy. You will also get to see “Monciak”, the Street of Heroes of Monte Casino, and learn about the deeds of those who it is named after.

However, this tour is not just about the war history of Poland. While it is important to remember the sacrifices of our heroes, there is nothing wrong with enjoying what they fought so hard to let us have. This is why you will also see the joyful side of Tricity. There is a reason why it is called the “Summer Capital of Poland”! We will help make sure you will never forget visiting Gdansk in 2022.

Heroes of Poland – Solidarity Tour

Gdańsk is often called a city of freedom, and a city of heroes. This is not only because of World War II but also because of the Solidarity movement. Ever heard of that? Solidarity was the first independent labour union formed in soviet-controlled Poland. Under Lech Wałęsa, they fought hard against communism and oppression.

Their valiant effort is often citied as one of the reasons that caused the Soviet Union to collapse, freeing up Eastern Europe and lifting the menace of the Iron Curtain. Outside of Poland, these heroes rarely get mentioned. If you think they deserve more recognition and want to learn about their fight, the Solidarity Tour will show you around the places where history was made and the fate of Europe was changed.

You will get to see the pieces of the Berlin Wall that they helped to tear down, the headquarters from which they operated, and European Solidarity Centre raised in their honour. Of course, that is not all, since the tour is mighty 8 hours long, but trust us – they deserve every minute of your time.

MrShuttle – Anywhere, Anytime

This is just a small selection of awesome possibilities awaiting you in 3City. If you want to go somewhere else, we still can assist you. Under our Group Bookings contact tab, you can arrange transport anywhere from anywhere within Trójmiasto. All we need is heads up, so call us a day in advance and we will figure it out! We can also help you get tickets or reservations in restaurants, especially if you don’t know Polish. Our aim is to please, so don’t be shy and pick up your phone. We will gladly take you anywhere and offer advice on what to visit.

How Much Money Should I Prepare When Visiting Gdansk in 2022?

Hopefully, we helped you form a picture of how much cash you should expect to spend in Gdańsk. To summarize, we think that you could get around Tricity for about 1500zł – 329 EUR – if you are willing to plan and optimize economically.

2500zł – 549,33 EUR – will give your budget more room to spend on things, and will allow you to enjoy Gdansk more. Going for 3000zł or 3500zł – 659.20 EUR or 769.06 EUR – will let you cover pretty much everything without any worry. Going over 5000zł – 1098.66 EUR – will allow you to splurge and go for full luxury.