Albania – a small country in the Balkans that is still relatively unknown and often bypassed by tourists in favor of its bigger and more popular neighbors. Isolated during much of the 20th century, it is no wonder that Albania is such an intriguing and mysterious country to many. A

If you’re looking for a place in Europe that has beautiful beaches and great weather but can still be considered a hidden gem, then think about Albania as your next destination. We can assure you that whether you’re looking to lounge in the sun, trek in the mountains, or walk around historical towns, you’ll find it in Albania. Not convinced? See for yourself! 

For beach seekers

With a long coastline and the Adriatic at its shores, Albania is home to some stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. Albanian Rivera is a place to be in the summer months if you’re looking to get a nice tan and enjoy some watersports. 

For nature lovers

Despite its relatively small size, the country has some spectacular landscapes and several national parks. There are forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, and more to enjoy the fresh air. Those who love to spend time in nature will be surprised by what Albania has to offer. Not to mention that with a big part of the country covered by mountains and a long coastline, you get the best of both worlds. 

For history buffs

In Albania, you can also take an interesting trip through history – from archeological sites of Butrint and Apollonia to nuclear bunkers from the soviet times. The best part is that you will find traces of history in pretty much every town and city you visit. 

For sport enthusiasts

Whether you’re into hiking, or want something more extreme like rafting or paragliding, you can easily do it in Albania. It doesn’t matter if you visit in the winter or summer as there’s always something to do. You can enjoy watersports and green valleys in the summer months, or the snow in the Albanian Alps in winter – you choose! 

For wine amateurs

Considering the climate and its location in southern Europe, it’s no surprise that Albania is also home to wineries. Wine enthusiasts can not only taste some of the country’s wine but also go on tours of wineries.

Where to go in Albania


The country’s capital seems like the most obvious choice when deciding on which city to visit. Here, you will see leftovers of Albania’s communist past, experience the booming street art, and get a taste of the country’s coffee culture. Although perhaps not as beautiful as some other European capitals, the city has an interesting vibe and is quite exotic compared to other places in Europe. Top things to see in Tirana include Skanderbeg Square, National History Museum, National Gallery of Arts, Skanderbeg Square, the Tirana Pyramid, and Bunk’Art2.


Located in the central part of Albania, around 60 miles from Tirana, Berat is one of the oldest towns in the country. The town is most famous for its many white houses from the Ottoman era built on a hill – that’s why it got the name ‘the town of a thousand windows.’ Apart from these houses, other top sights include Berat Castle, Mangalem Quarter (or the Old Town), the Holy Trinity Church, and the King Mosque.


Experience a mix of history and the sea. Durres is a port city with a rich Roman and Byzantine heritage. It is home to an ancient amphitheater, a castle (also known as the Venetian Tower) that dates back to the 400s, and remnants of a Byzantine Forum. In addition, there is a long beach which tends to be packed in the summer months. 


A getaway for beach holidays in Albania, Saranda is a coastal town on the Albanian Riviera. Beaches with crystal clear waters are the biggest attraction here, but Saranda is also a great location if you want to see some ancient sites. Visiting Butrint Archaeological Park located nearby is one of the biggest highlights of staying in this part of the country. Butrint Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, includes structures of Roman villas, a Greek theatre, and fortifications. Boat trips along the coast are very popular in the area, and many travelers to Sarande also decide on a day trip to Corfu which is just a 30-minute ferry away. 

Albania transfers

If you’d like to give Albania a chance, think about how you’ll move around once you land in Tirana. Getting around Albania as a visitor can be challenging and frustrating so we recommend planning it out in advance. At MrShuttle, we offer convenient airport transfers to various corners of the country. With us, you can easily get to Berat, Durres, Sarande, and many more. Make sure to check out our transfers page to see all the places we can take you to in Albania.