2021 is a time of uncertainty and doubt. One day, everything seems to be coming back to normality; and then just a few days later, something changes and things become worse. Even now, when vaccination efforts are making travel the safest it has been since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still held back by fear. 2

We understand that. To address these issues, MrShuttle has decided to adapt and change some of our reservation policies. Your needs have changed, and we acknowledge that with the Book now & Pay later rules. With the pay later method and Free 24h Cancellation, your money stays in your bank account until the very last moment before your trip – this increases the safety of planning your travels.

What is MrShuttle’s ‘Book now & Pay later’ and Free Cancellation Policy?

MrShuttle believes in customer-friendly solutions that put your comfort before our numbers. A happy customer is most likely to come back – and since MrShuttle is available in most of Europe, there will be plenty of chances to meet again. 

To encourage making travel plans even when you are not certain if they will pan out, we decided to go with Book now & Pay later and Free Cancellation Policy changes that address two biggest concerns people have:

  • Will my financial situation remain stable enough to go on vacation?
  • If something happens that makes me unable to go, will I lose my money?

These fears are understandable! Travel is supposed to be fun, not stressful. To help you relax and look forward to the future, we rolled out the following changes to our reservations:

  1. Free 24h Cancellation Policy – cancel the trip even the day before it!
    If you cancel your trip, transfer, or any other MrShuttle service up to 24h (one day) before it was supposed to happen, you will get all your money back! Don’t worry about it! We understand that things change. 
  2. A new payment option called Book now & Pay later 
  • You can pick the Book now & Pay later payment method when booking a service at least 72h (three days) ahead. 
  • 48h (two days) ahead of your reservation, you will receive an email with payment details and a payment link.
  • The payment has to be done and accepted up to 24h (one day) ahead of your service. Otherwise, it will be automatically canceled – for free, of course. 


We hope that thanks to Book now & Pay later and Free 24h Cancellation Policy, you will feel safer and more encouraged to experiment with your travel plans! There is no risk of you losing money, so stop worrying about what might happen, and start making your vacation plans happen with MrShuttle! 


Travel Hasslefree in 2021 with MrShuttle

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