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Dunajec River Rafting Tour
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Dunajec River Rafting Tour is a thrilling adventure that will show you the beauty of the polish Pieniny mountains! With two paths to choose from - a 2 hour one, or 3 hours one - you will be able to enjoy the river rafting on a traditional wooden raft, under the guidance of local experts. This private tour rafting trip is one of the best tourist attractions in the region! Dunajec River Rafting is one of the most popular trips from Krakow, and many would say it is the best attraction available in the polish mountains. Dunajec Gorge attracts visitors from across the entire world. However, better hurry up - it is a time-limited attraction only available between April and the end of October!

What is river rafting?

A good question! River rafting is an adventure sport where you use a raft to navigate a river. While most people think of it in categories of extreme and dangerous sport, that is a common misunderstanding! River Rafting is not a dangerous extreme sport by default - some rivers are more dangerous than others. Many are safe and relaxing!

Most of the time, river rafting is done on inflatable rafts. However, because Dunajec River Rafting is deeply rooted in the local flisak traditions, wooden rafts are being used. Don't worry - these wooden rafts were optimized over generations for the safe transport of expensive and fragile goods. They are sturdy and safe. You will be in the most capable hands of flisacy!

Who are "flisacy"?

For hundreds of years, rivers in Poland have been used for the transportation of goods. Using wooden rafts, experts carefully and masterfully brought goods from mountain to sea. This was the safest and the fastest way of transporting trade goods. These experts and masters are flisacy - a traditional polish name for this honourable occupation.

In the modern world, river rafting of goods is not necessary anymore. However, the tradition lives on! Instead of transporting merchandise, flisacy now raft tourists like you. They have generations of experience and polished techniques. They know all of the rock formations on the way.

Flisacy developed fascinating culture, most recognizable due to their colourful and pretty outfits. They have their own jargon or slang, using specialized language that evolved to suit their needs and identity. Many people are surprised to find their flisak river rafting guide as fascinating as the rafting trip itself. Flisacy are proud of their legacy and will gladly answer any questions you might have and tell you fascinating tales about the river, mountains, and their history. The only thing they ask for in return is for you to be respectful. Kindness creates kindness in turn. Ask about the legends surrounding the origin of the Dunajec River Gorge. You will be surprised!

What will you see when Dunajec rafting?

During the Dunajec River Rafting Tour, you will be able to see the breathtaking splendour and majesty of polish mountains up close! There are no experiences comparable to this. The perspective from atop a traditional wooden raft is really unique!

Szczawnica and Krościenko - which will you choose?

There are two possible destinations you can choose for your raft trip. They change the experience slightly, most importantly in terms of length. One of the routes is shorter than the other. The available choices are:

  1. SZCZAWNICA - 18km long, takes about 2h and 15 minutes to complete
  2. KROŚĆIENKO - 23km long, takes about 2h and 45 minutes to complete

The most memorable and iconic sights in Dunajec River Gorge

Some of the most impressive and memorable sights you will experience during the raft trip include:

  • Fantastic natural features of majestic Pieniny Mountains, and some parts of the Pieniny National Park
  • Trzy Korony - "Three Crowns" - is the most recognizable symbol of the region. This characteristic mountain peak is very popular and beautiful. The name comes from the fact that the peaks look like royal crowns! Make sure to snap a photo when you see it!
  • Ragged limestone rock formations sparked the imagination of entire generations, giving birth to many legends and tales
  • Castle Niedzica, also called Castle Dunajec, towers over the river like a tall and powerful stronghold. While you will only see it from atop the river raft, consider taking a separate trip there later - Niedzica is a tourist attraction of its own
  • Dunajec River Gorge is considered a tourist attraction on a continental scale. During the Dunajec River Rafting Tour, you will be able to experience it up close in the most effective and coolest way. After the rafting is done, some people choose to ditch the car and go back on foot or by bike, exploring the Dunajec River Gorge from land.

Dunajec River Rafting Tour with MrShuttle

Dunajec River Rafting Tour is one of our favourite choices when recommending a good tour from Krakow. To make sure your experience is as smoothest and hassle-free as possible, MrShuttle arranged for a number of quality of life solutions. Here is a brief summary:

  • Full price transparency. We condemn hidden costs and unfair pricing. You pay what you see, in a way most comfortable to you.
  • Tickets included in the price. By booking the Dunajec River Rafting Tour with MrShuttle, you do not have to worry about
  • Transport from and to Kraków. Some people are afraid to visit Dunajec Gorge due to possible logistical issues. We take care of that for you! As a door-to-door service, we pick you up at your hotel and then deliver you back to it. This way you can focus on fun and river rafting.
  • English-speaking drivers and guides. We know that the language barrier can sour even the best experience. To avoid that, we put you under the care of English-speaking professionals.
  • Help with your lunch break. This might sound minor and silly, but trust us - river rafting will leave you hungry! There are many great options to choose for during the lunch break, and our English-speaking driver will help you find something that will suit your taste.

Other tours to take when in Kraków

Krakow is the capital of Polish tourism. Filled with fantastic attractions, such as the legendary Wawel Castle or Nowa Huta, Krakow can occupy your attention for weeks. To focus on the essentials and see the most iconic parts of Krakow with help of English-speaking guides, take a look at our Krakow tours!

Other than that, Krakow is perfectly located to consider a day trip to some nearby tourist attractions. The most popular and iconic ones are:

If you want to visit any of these places or take any of these tours, MrShuttle is happy to provide!

Trip Itnerary

  • 1
    8.30 - 9.30* Hotel Pickup

    Our driver will collect you from your hotel.

  • 2
    11.30 - 14.00 River rafting

    You will be taken care of by professional local rafters, who are proud masters of the local tradition. There is no one better suited to help you navigate the river than them.

  • 3
    14.00 - 15.00 Lunch break

    You will have time to have a lunch in one of many local restaurants. Our driver will be happy to give you some recommendations.

  • 4
    15.00 - 17.00 Return to Krakow

Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic conditions and guides availability.

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    Great organization, amazing landscape view, picturesque scenery during Dunajec River Rafting. High recommend!

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More details about this tour

Here is a break down of all the activities in the tour:
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We offer a door-to-door service with English speaking drivers who are happy to help you with your questions or requests. We can pick you up anywhere in Krakow, and drop you off wherever you wish. We suspect you will be pretty hungry after you are done rafting, so do not be afraid to ask our drivers for their recommendations on where to eat! They know the route well, and will happily stop so you can take a well-deserved break.

Usually, a single raft can carry a group of up to 12 people, 5 of which can be children. If you would prefer to not share it with strangers, we can arrange a reservation only for you and your friends or family.

Interested, but still concerned about your safety or safety of your children and family? Understandable, but worry not – the trip is not considered dangerous by any means. You don’t need any prior experience with rafting whatsoever. Do not worry about equipment – it will be taken care of. Life-jackets are not considered to be needed, but if they make you feel safe, ask and we shall provide!

Of course, our drivers observe the highest sanitary standards – our cars are well-ozonated and disinfected after each service. We also always have more than enough masks and gloves for our customers to use, so don’t worry – enjoy the trip. Everything is taken care of.

More reasons why you should use our services:

We have invented this tour on the market and we are the best in it.
Free hotel pickup

Remember that we will pick you up and drive you back to your hotel or apartment.

Professional local rafters

They practice their art while wearing traditional costumes and know every secret of Dunajec.

Flexible dates

In case of bad weather conditions, you can change the activity date free of charge.


It is an outdoor activity, please be prepared for weather conditions.

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