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Ojcow National Park Tour
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Romantic castles, picturesque valleys, oddly shaped rocks, bats, butterflies and Jurassic caves.
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Duration: 4 hours
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Trip Itinerary

  • 1
    Hotel pickup

    We will pick you up directly from your hotel by one of our comfortable cars

  • 2
    Transfer to Ojcow National Park

    Ride takes around 45 minutes.

  • 3
    Pieskowa Skala Castle

    You will visit the Pieskowa Skala Castle – its history dates back to 1335. Today it is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance residential architecture in Poland.

  • 4
    Walk in Ojcow National Park

    During your visit in the Ojcow National Park you will be able to see picturesque limestone formations, like Hercules’ Club, natural bridges, caves with he most famous one – King Łokietek Cave, the remains of the medieval castle in Ojców and much more.

  • 5
    Ojcow Castle and church on water

    We will show you charming church on water, the remains of the medieval castle in Ojców and much more.

  • 6
    Transfer and hotel drop off

Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic conditions and guides availability.

Ojcow National Park Tour will take you for a thrilling and exciting adventure to Poland's beautiful and breath-taking national park. Located only 15km from Krakow City, it might be the smallest national park in Poland, but make no mistake! Ojcow National Park is packed with wonders of nature that will leave you breathless!

This 4-hour long tour will take you on a trip that will let you experience all of the natural and human-made attractions in Ojcow. Do not worry about transportation. As a door-to-door service, our transfer will pick you up at your hotel and then take you back to it when the tour is over. You don't have to bother yourself with any transportation hassle. Focus on hiking and enjoying nature! MrShuttle has you covered. Any tickets required to enter the locations in the tour are included in the price.

Most famous attractions in Ojcow National Park

Where will the tour take you? What is there to see? What fun things are there to do? Here is a summary of the most iconic parts of Ojcow National Park:

  • Pieskowa Skała Castle
  • The Club of Hercules
  • King Łokietek's Cave
  • Ojcow Castle
  • Amazing limestone and rock formations
  • The Krakow Gate
  • The Chapel on the Water
  • Many fantastic animal species
  • Trail of the Eagle's Nests
  • Remnants of castles and fortifications


The Prądnik Valley

A large part of Ojców National Park is within the Prądnik Valley. Covering around 21462 ha, it is home to many fantastic natural limestone foundations, castles, caves, and animal species. Today, Prądnik Valley attracts many fans of nature who visit to hike, bike or take a walking trip and enjoy the natural beauty of Poland. One of the most interesting things about the valley is that people flocked to it in ancient times because its countless caves served as perfect homes for those looking for shelter.

About 11 thousand animal species live in the Prądnik Valley, making it one of the most diverse and thriving parks in Poland. Bats, beavers, foxes, countless birds and reptiles, bugs and insects made Ojców National Park their home.

Pieskowa Skała Castle

Pieskowa Skała Castle is a gothic stronghold located on a Dorotka rock. This majestic castle was expanded multiple times and turned into a noble, beautiful residence. Pieskowa Skala is the most famous of the castles in the Ojcow National Park and the best-preserved one for sure. When you visit Pieskowa Skala, you will be able to witness the magnificent panoramic view of the Ojcow National Park.

With the Ojcow National Park Tour, you will be able to get inside the Pieskowa Skala Castle (tickets included).

The Club of Hercules

The Club of Hercules, also known as "Maczuga Herkulesa" in polish, is a 25-meter tall limestone stack. Named after the cudgel of the great mythological hero Hercules, this limestone formation is one of the most distinctive features of The Prądnik Valley.

Due to its unique and evocative shape, Maczuga Herkulesa is featured in many local legends and stories:

  • You probably know about Krakow and Smok Wawelski - in one of the versions of the legend, the dragon was defeated by King Krak using this very club! In that story, the rock is called Maczuga Kraka (Krak's Club).
  • Another story involving it is the tale of sorcerer Twardowski who sold his soul to The Devil in exchange for three wishes. Moving Maczuga Herkulesa was one of the tasks given to The Devil by Twardowski! In this version of the story, the rock is called Czarcia Skała (Devil's Rock).

King Łokietek's Cave

There are many caves in the Ojcow National Park. In fact, there are more than 400 caves in there! The King Łokietek's Cave is the biggest currently known cave in the park, making it quite special. It is located 125m underground and is 320m long. Carved by water in Jurassic limestones, the cave is divided into several smaller corridors and multiple halls. During the hike, you will explore the Bedroom Hall, the Knight's Hall, the Kitchen Hall, and more.

Why is it called "King Łokietek's Cave" or "Grota Łokietka" in polish? According to the legend, young Łokietek spent 6 weeks hiding in it from King Wacław II. The various halls are named after the purpose given to it by Łokietek - he slept in the Bedroom Hall, cooked in Kitchen Hall, and so on!

Trail of the Eagle's Nests & Ojcow Castle

The Ojcow Castle is one of the most important castles in the area. You might wonder why are there so many castles in Ojcow National Park? The hiking trail of the Eagle's Nests is 25 castles long! They were built as a part of a security system to reinforce the Polish border and make it impenetrable.

The Ojcow Castle was a stronghold overlooking and protecting Krakow. While it served its function well for a time, it eventually stopped being needed and fell into disrepair. However, it remains beautiful, and restoration and reconstruction efforts bring it closer to its full awesome glory with each day. During the tour, you will be able to not only see the Ojcow Castle but also go inside - the tickets to the Ojcow Castle are covered as part of the tour!

The Krakow Gate

There are few rock gates in Ojcow National Park, and the Krakow Gate is the most well-known of them! Located in the Prądnik Valley, this rock formation served as a natural gate and entrance to the valley. Because many merchants passed it on their way to Krakow city, they started jokingly calling it the gate of Krakow.

Near the Krakow Gate, within 100m, you can find one of the famous Ojców National Park caves - the Cow's Cave. The Cow's Cave was used as a shelter for local cows and sheep, where its name comes from.

The Chapel on the Water

This historical chapel is quite a sight. Built on top of the Prądnik River, it looks unique! You might wonder why would anyone go to the trouble of building it in such a weird and inconvenient place. According to the story, the Tzar has forbidden anybody to build anything on the Ojcow soil and land. However, people found a loophole in this law; it only talked about land and soil, so it did not ban building above water. You will be able to see the result of their clever wit during the tour!

What else to do around Ojcow National Park?

Ojcow National Park has located only 15km from Krakow city. Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland, with many great attractions waiting for you to find them. MrShuttle offers multiple private tours and trips based in and from Krakow. During these tours, an English-speaking driver will show you the most interesting and cool Poland has to offer. You will get to visit fantastic local attractions such as Wieliczka Salt Mine, Nowa Huta, and more! There is a shared and private tour for everybody.

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