When you visit Krakow, you definitely want to try something local. Tourists love many regional dishes. In this article, you will find out what Krakow Bagel is, learn about its history, and we will show you where to get this tasty snack.

What is Obwarzanek?

In simple words, Obwarzanek Krakowski (that’s how we call it in Polish) is a braided pretzel in the shape of a ring. It is an official symbol of Kraków, often used to The special recipe of the bagel says that the dough needs to be boiled before baking it in the oven. This culinary step can’t be omitted because it gives the pretzel a soft inside and crispy crust. What exactly is used to prepare this delicious ring-shaped bread? All recipes on the Internet are quite similar and include wheat flour, fat, yeast, sugar, and salt. The only thing that makes the difference are sprinkles added before baking. Originally, Obwarzanek Krakowski is sprinkled with salt, sesame seeds, or poppy seeds on the top. However, the recipes have evolved throughout time, and we can find different variants, for example, with grated cheese or onion flakes on it.


Krakow Pretzel


Bagels’ History

The history of Obwarzanek began in the former royal capital of Poland, which was the city of Kraków. 2 March 1394 is the first time we hear of the bagel and its Polish Medieval Latin name “circuli.” Later, in 1496, the bakers guild from Krakow was given a monopoly on producing white bread, including bagels. The decision was decreed by Polish King John Alber, who contributed to today’s importance of Krakow’s symbol. As time went by, the special food of the region was granted even more protection. Consequently, Obwarzanki were sold only within the city walls by privileged bakers and later by bakers selected by drawing lots. The quality and freshness of bagels were checked daily by the guild staff. Back in time, Obwarzanki were sold from a stall or directly from wicker baskets on the street.


Regional Protection

A huge reputation of this 12-17cm long white bread has received special merit in its region. On 28 November 2006, Obwarzanek Krakowski was entered in the Lesser Poland Voivodship’s list of traditional products. However, it’s not the only title it has received! In 2010, it was also included on the European Union’s list of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs. Visiting Kraków gives you a great opportunity to try unique Polish food. Including this original symbol of the city – the famous Obwarzanek.


Obwarzanek Museum



Krakow attracts tourists with its many museums and other cultural sites. Dedicating this article to Kraków bagel, we would like to introduce you to a place that will bring you a step closer to history and how the bagel is made. The Interactive Museum of Obwarzanek (Żywe Muzeum Obwarzanka w Krakowie) is a private museum in Krakow, where you will see demonstrations combined with obwarzanek baking workshops. The facility focuses on the culture and history of Kraków to promote the culinary customs of the region. During one hour visit to the museum, Bakers will tell you interesting stories. You will take part in baking the bagel. Before the visit, make a reservation – only 25 people are allowed to participate in one round tour.


Obwarzanek Museum


Where to buy Obwarzanek?

The task won’t be too difficult. You can find Obwarzanki literally everywhere in Krakow. In a bakery, in shopping mall stalls, or even on the street, sold straight from a street cart. Make sure to buy them in the morning, when they are freshly baked, warm and crispy. It will let you enjoy every bite of it! This medium size twisted pretzel is incredibly famous not only among tourists but also the locals. It is said that around 150,000 bagels are sold daily on Kraków’s market.

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