Anytime is the best time to plan your trip! Still, even if you know when to travel, a question remains: where to travel? What are the best travel destinations? Our answer is Central Europe! And more specifically: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic! A

Why is Central Europe a good travel destination? 

There are many reasons that make Central Europe a cool and attractive travel destination. Why should you choose Central Europe over Western European destinations? Why not Portugal or Italy? Here is a quick list of the best reasons to travel to Central Europe::


  • Central Europe is safe
    Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are considered safe countries in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even outside of COVID, Poland Hungary and the Czech Republic are safe and low-crime countries. 
  • Central Europe is affordable
    With a wide range of fair and affordable prices, Central Europe is a perfect choice for those who want unique and fulfilling experiences without overspending. Polish, Hungarian and Czech accommodations and food prices are friendly priced and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for affordability.
  • Central Europe is culturally unique and distinct
    Many people make the mistake of assuming that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are “eastern” countries or “western” countries. There is a reason why Central Europe exists as a label – the distinction of “western” vs “eastern” just doesn’t work for these countries. In fact, you could argue that they are so different from each other that they maybe shouldn’t be grouped together! One is certain – they have a strong, unique identity that feels like nowhere else. 
  • Central Europe has it all
    Want sea? Mountains? Plains and forests? Mountain sports or nightlife? 1000+ years of history? Central Europe has you covered! And everything is within comfortable travel distance, too. If you decide that you are bored of the high peaks and want to hit the beach instead, you can get there within just a few hours!

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Best Central Europe Destinations – Poland

Our first recommendation is Poland! Safe, affordable, with well-behaving temperate weather, Poland is a perfect choice for your vacations. Without worrying about the language barrier – English will serve you well in Poland. Poland is also MrShuttle’s home country, so it has a special place in our hearts. We invite you to come and let us take you around the best places in Poland! 



Krakow is possibly our favourite city in Poland. Don’t believe us? Just check out our blog and judge for yourself! Of course, there are good reasons to love Kraków. This once capital of Poland is a perfect fusion between a well preserved historic old town and a modern city. Full of great selfie opportunities, unique food, and incredible landmarks, Kraków is truly the capital of Polish tourism. See Smok Wawelski, the Wawel Castle itself, and the Soviet Utopian Paradise of Nowa Huta! 

What makes Kraków even better, though, is that it is in range for many other really worthwhile destinations. From Krakow, you will be able to reach places that attract visitors from across the entire world! Krakow is a short car ride away from some of the most popular European destinations: Zakopane, Wieliczka Salt Mine, and Auschwitz-Birkenau!

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While Kraków might be the overall capital of Polish tourism, Gdańsk is definitely the best choice if you are looking for a Baltic Sea adventure. Located in northern Poland, Gdańsk is a part of the famous Trójmiasto – Tricity – a combination of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Together, they offer fantastic seabound opportunities – famous for its beaches, restaurants and history of the Solidarność movement, Trójmiasto is possibly the best summer destination in Poland. Make sure to see the grand Crane, Amber Museum, Hevelianum and more! 

While in Gdańsk, you might want to enjoy a good dinner, possibly with your significant one. If so, the Olivia Star Observation Deck Premium offers you a chance at unforgettable memories that will make your relationship so much stronger! Once you see Gdańsk from above, it might be a cool idea to go yachting from Sopot, or perhaps get out of Tricity for a short trip. Nearby Malbork Castle is the biggest castle of this type in this world, and Stutthoff Camp is an obligatory to stop for anybody wanting to pay their respect for victims of the Holocaust. 


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 Best Central Europe Destinations – Czech Republic

Our second recommendation is the Czech Republic! The Czech Republic is just south of Poland, which makes for an interesting opportunity when you are visiting Krakow or Wrocław – some people decide to jump into a car and ride over the border to Czechia while visiting Poland!

The Czech Republic is known for many cool things and is one of the safest countries in the world. A great choice if you love castles since the region is full of many fantastic ones, including the largest ancient castle in the world! 



Prague is definitely the most popular destination in the Czech Republic, and probably the most iconic highlight of it. The classy capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has many must-see landmarks and can’t-skip activities! The Jewish Quarter, the Prague Astronomical Clock, and other gems of the Old Town will fill your heart with appreciation for historical beauty. The New Town will fill your belly with fantastic food and let you have some modern fun! 

But we will let you in on a secret – the absolute must-do experience is not the Prague Castle, nor the Old Town or New Town…The best thing to do in Prague is a river cruise! Cruise on the Vltava River and appreciate Prague from a unique perspective! 

Prague is a good hub for one-day tours and trips deeper into the Czech Republic. The nearby Terezin will allow you to pay your respect to the victims of the concentration camp. We heartily recommend visiting Český Krumlov, a town acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is so much to see there it might even compete with Prague itself!

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Best Central Europe Destinations – Hungary

Deeper into the southern region of Central Europe than Poland and the Czech Republic lies Hungary, a beautiful and proud country best known for its thermal baths, unique language, and incredible city of Budapest! The River of Danube, the city of Budapest, and the town of Eger eagerly await any travellers. So do not wait, jump straight into it! 


Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. One of its many names is “Pearl of Danube”, and it describes it well – Budapest is beautiful and well defined by the river Danube. The Danube splits it into two, and we will not pull our punches here – if you don’t get a Danube River Cruise while in Budapest, you haven’t seen anything! 

Budapest is a very interesting city, with history both long and short. While other cities on this list are close to 1000 years old, Budapest is technically less than 300 years old. This is because for the longest time, what eventually became Budapest was three separate cities! When visiting, you will easily be able to see the difference between what originally was Buda, what was Pest, and what was Óbuda! Due to this unique historic origin, Budapest is full of different flavours that mix together very well. Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, St Stephen’s Basilica and Széchenyi thermal bath are only some of the best things you will get to see in Budapest!

When in Budapest, you can easily reach other Hungarian cities worth visiting, such as Esztergom, Visegrád, and Szentendre. It is a great opportunity, so make sure to not waste it!

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