Christmas is a special time when we gather with family, prepare Christmas Eve supper and sing carols. The run-up to Christmas is also magical. Christmas markets also put us in this unique mood. Some of them kick off at the very beginning of December. The colourful markets sparkle with Christmas decorations, smell delicious gingerbread and are filled with original gifts. C

The Most Fabulous Christmas Markets in Poland 2022

Christmas markets represent an annual tradition in various Polish cities. Decorated squares and regional markets attract visitors with the magical atmosphere of holidays. To experience the Christmas atmosphere even better, it is worth visiting the most impressive markets. Which Christmas markets are particularly worth seeing? If you want to experience the special magic of Christmas, we introduce you to the most charming Christmas markets in Poland.


History of Christmas markets

These kinds of events might seem like a modern human invention, but nothing could be further from the truth! The tradition dates back to the 14th century in Germany. The historic Weihnachtsmarkt was always held in the city’s oldest square (the Old Town). It was lined with stalls offering local cuisine, handicrafts and Christmas decorations. It was accompanied by numerous attractions, theatrical and musical performances. Over time, the market also developed into a funfair. The German tradition of Christmas markets quickly became popular in other European countries, including various Polish cities. Today, the markets resemble Santa’s little towns and offer visitors a fairytale Christmas atmosphere. Which cities are worth visiting to see the Christmas markets? The best Christmas markets can be found in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Cracow, Warsaw, Olsztyn and Toruń.

1. Chistmas market in Gdansk

The Christmas Market in Gdansk has been attracting crowds for many years and provides a magical variety for visitors worldwide. Not surprisingly, it is probably one of Poland’s most marvellous Christmas Markets! As the only one in Poland, it was nominated in the competition for the title “European Best Christmas Market 2020” and ranked 3rd! This event is loved by locals and tourists from all over the country. Colourful strings of lights, delicious food, craft exhibitions and plenty of activities for the little ones! Here you will find not only a gorgeous Christmas tree (and not just one, actually) but a load of surprises! This year it starts on 18 November and will be open until 23 December 2022.

2. Christmas market in Wroclaw

The Wroclaw Christmas Market is another place that steals the hearts of tourists visiting the city (and the local community, of course). This year it will also begin on 18 November and run until 31 December, including New Year’s Eve. As usual, fairy-tale decorations and plenty of stalls will be on display in and around Market Square. It will be possible to buy Christmas delicacies and drink the famous mulled wine. Christmas in Poland is a magical time and a great chance to get to know the local cuisine, ornaments, nativity scene and other cultural objects. Visitors can expect a well-dressed Christmas tree, a smiling Santa Claus, Christmas carols playing in the background and all sorts of attractions to make the wait for Christmas Eve more enjoyable! Wroclaw Christmas market should definitely be on your “to-do” list.

3. Christmas market in Krakow

The Christmas Fairs in Krakow are linked to more than a hundred years of tradition and date back to the times when they were still called “Jarmarks”. On 26 November, the Cracow Main Market Square will hold another edition of this wonderful Christmas event. This year it will be even more Christmas-like and colourful and last much longer!

The Christmas Market in Cracow was awarded in 2007, with the publication of a book in Italy describing the most interesting Christmas Markets in Europe. Moreover, in 2012, the foreign programme CNN Travel appointed Krakow as the best city in Europe to spend Christmas. Nobody should have a doubt ten that spending Christmas in Poland would be a great moment. The ubiquitous sounds of carols, the smell of a Christmas tree and the multitude of coloured lights make us feel the Christmas spirit – this is what we expect from the Christmas Market.

Christmas time in Poland: The magical time before Christmas Eve but not only

The time before Christmas Eve is magical and provides us with many experiences at almost every stage of life. Christmas carols, Christmas trees and festive decorations are a must in our homes, and we see them more and more on the streets. The aforementioned cities are not only an opportunity to discover Polish culture or the Christmas spirit but also to enjoy a wonderful winter in the heart of Europe.

The Christmas market will allow you to buy all sorts of goodies for Christmas Eve and more. You will bring back a mass of memories to your home, and the sight of the splendidly dressed Christmas tree will always remain in your memory and that of your loved ones. We particularly recommend a midnight mass to discover the charms of the city. If the Christmas Market is ticked off your list, it is also worth seeing the other landmarks of these cities. They offer unforgettable experiences, fantastic architecture and interesting places to visit. We have a range of tours to help you enjoy your time in Poland.

If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us, and we will provide all the information you need. See you soon (especially at the Christmas market)!

Merry Christmas!