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A tour to the silos in the Museum of Strategic Missile Forces.

Museum of Strategic Missile Forces

Are you a special weapons or weapons of mass destruction fan? Perhaps a big history connoisseur? Or do you just want to experience being in awe at the sight of powerful missiles and see how Soviet soldiers assigned to silos lived? Well we have a special treat for you, Mr.Shuttle.com offers tours into one of the past’s most prestigious missile silos, the Strategic Missile Forces Museum.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine possessed one third of the Soviet’s nuclear weapons, which at the time was the third largest in the world. An estimated 1,700 nuclear warheads were at Ukraine’s disposal, but in 1994 they agreed to destroy all of them in accordance to the Treaty on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Although the missile silo has long been inoperable, you will still get to see how Soviet soldiers lived in this camp, as well as see how it’s like being in the Silo’s control panel. There aren’t any nuclear warheads left, the control panel’s equipment still work. However, You’ll get to key in a combination of letters and numbers (security ignition code), and experience the whole silo come to life. Sirens will blaze, screens will flash and a count down occurs. You will also get up close and personal with the world’s most feared missile, the R-36M2 or otherwise known as “Satan”.

In addition, This tour also offers a journey through the 46th Soviet military division and experience what it was like being a soldier that was assigned to put their life on the line in order to protect this silo. You’ll see where they ate, slept and trained. Retired soldiers will show you their routine and how they prepared for the worst.

The Taymen Tour, a tour into the Strategic Missile Forces Museum is informative, awe gasping and historically astounding. Join us in this unforgettable experience!

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