Are you planning to visit Poland and wondering where to go during the winter season? Whatever your holiday preferences, we'll tell you where to go this year to find out that winter is beautiful in every region. A

What is worth seeing in winter in Poland? Non-obvious and classic suggestions for a perfect holiday.

There are plenty of places in Poland that are vibrant in winter and boast excellent infrastructure. You can also find equally enchanting places, although they are associated with a different year season.

Below, you will find a list of places where you can enjoy winter in Poland with a guarantee that you will have a great time – regardless of whether you plan to spend it with your friends, your partner or your family. The fun doesn’t have to end with New Year’s Eve – the New Year also means new resolutions and exploring the unknown.

Krakow Main Square

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Popular winter holiday destinations in Poland offer good infrastructure for winter sports fans and allow you to breathe in the fresh, cold air. If you are a person who appreciates the company of other people and you feel great in a crowd, you absolutely must go to the Polish mountains. This is a great place to spend your New Year’s Eve dreams and discover the Polish highland culture.

Although Poland is associated in winter with mountains, inns open until late, and sports facilities, it is also worth bearing in mind other regions in Poland that attract tourists from all over the world. These large cities offer many facilities and valuable places in a tourist context. If you are looking for fun and a dance atmosphere, you will find what you are looking for in many cities.

And what if you don’t have to choose at all, because you can do 2 things at once? Visit a charming Polish city and then move to the winter wonderland of snow? MrShuttle has prepared some suggestions for you.

Krakow – one of the most appreciated places in Poland

When considering where to spend your winter holidays in Poland, remember that winter is great to visit the major cities. Yes, the frost pinches your cheeks, the wind often penetrates all your layers of clothing, so you are more likely to hide in cafes and restaurants for a warming cup of tea or mulled wine. Polish cities retain their charm in winter, often illuminated by Christmas decorations. What is more, they are less crowded. You can still have a great time, and Krakow offers excellent bars and pubs for those who love dance rhythms.

A panoramic photo of the Main Square in Krakow, Poland: St Mary's Basilica, Sukiennice Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower

Krakow is a cultural and historical city that attracts millions of tourists every year. Visiting the city in the low season allows you to save on accommodation expenses. In hotels, you can count on significantly lower prices than during the summer holidays. For many, the Polish mountains are a must-see winter destination, and the capital of Małopolska is a perfect city breaker on the way to Zakopane. Before visiting, it is worthwhile to stop in Krakow and get to know the city in its winter appearance, relax and set off on a further journey. In the city center of Krakow, the most important places are concentrated (the Old Town, monuments and various interesting restaurants). Zakopane is 1,5 h from Krakow.


Warsaw – the capital of Poland and the most beautiful places worth seeing

Although it’s the end of New Year’s Eve, you can still marvel at the splendour of Poland’s capital, Warsaw. The ice ring in the Old Town is one of the most beloved places for Varsovians. Nothing strange about that! The ring-shaped skating rink is located around the monument to Warsaw’s Mermaid and it is stunning. In addition, the illumination hanging directly over the ice surface creates an amazing atmosphere. Plus the brilliantly illuminated National Stadium and a bunch of other attractions that Warsaw has to offer.

Warsaw is not only dazzlingly illuminated during New Year’s Eve, but also throughout the winter – encouraging tourists to take walking tours of different parts of the city, which is certainly an amazing experience. The streets of Nowy Swiat are filled with themed restaurants, bars and clubs, which is another great advantage. This snowy time is both stunning during the day and night. The main attraction in Warsaw depends.. on your own preferences. As in the song by Andy Williams, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” so spending your time in Warsaw or Krakow (or Zakopane) is one of the biggest pleasures you may experience.

Gdansk – Post – New Year’s Eve time at the seaside

It is not true that the sea seems most beautiful in summer. It is also a precious time in the north of the country. The old town of Gdańsk offers what it does in summer: fresh fish, excellent snacks and other seafood. And after a successful walk on the beach and contact ” of nature”, a range of pubs offer perfectly prepared mulled wine. Most bars, restaurants and clubs are open and wait for people during cold evenings.

Apart from the sea, the beach, and the Main Town’s beautiful buildings, the city is the best place to uncover other exciting spots. If you visit Gdańsk in the summer, it is undoubtedly easier to discover them. Still, during the winter, the city also provides plenty of attractions worth taking advantage of. A stay in the city in wintertime can by no means be limited only to a walk along a frozen beach and admiring views hidden under the snow. It is worth moving indoors and visiting the Gdansk Amber Museum. We truly believe that your time in Poland will be the previous disregarding the place you choose!

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So if you decide to spend one of the most beautiful times of the year in Poland, feel free to reach out to us if you search for any advice. We will assist you with each and every query! Start New Year with us and broaden your horizons. Especially, if you want to do something exciting and seek “the new” travel possibilities.

There is no doubt that the above-mentioned cities are genuinely beautiful and look great during winter, so it’s worth heading to this city even for a weekend break. Nevertheless, our offer is much more extensive, so if you have something special in mind – be sure to let us know!