You may have heard that Krakow, Poland, is a great place for history buffs. However, if you're not into history that much, there's no reason to fret! Although it's true that history is an important part of its identity, Krakow offers a great variety of other attractions. Y

If you’re looking for ways to make your visit to Krakow memorable, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll give you some ideas on what to see, do and visit in Krakow to have a good time. Our list includes some typical must-see attractions that you simply can’t miss when visiting Krakow, as well as fun things off the beaten path.

Explore the Old Town

We won’t surprise you here, but strolling around the Old Town really is one of the best things to do in Krakow. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses some of the most iconic sights in the city. Start from the Main Market Square, which is the largest medieval square in Europe. Here, you will already tick some top attractions, such as St Mary’s Basilica and the Cloth Hall, off your list. Then stroll along some of the most popular streets in the city like Florianska Street or Grodzka Street – on the latter one, pay attention to the baroque Church of Saints Peter and Paul.


Travel back in time to the Middle Ages at Rynek Underground Museum

Situated right below the main market square, Rynek Underground Museum is a real treat for those interested in archaeology. It was established after excavations done in the early 2000s uncovered the remains of a medieval market hall. Retracing the history of Krakow, this is a good place to learn about the city’s beginnings and burial practices in the Middle Ages, and see archaeological sites with many artifacts.

See da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine

Fans of art or Leonardo da Vinci’s work can see one of his paintings at the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow located just a short walk from the Main Square. Despite its age, the painting is in excellent condition and a good representative of da Vinci’s painting style. Lady with an Ermine is also said to be one of only four female portraits made by Leonardo da Vinci, which in our eyes makes it pretty unique.

Get familiar with the history of Poland at the Wawel Castle

The royal castle is another place that you must see in Krakow. Situated on Wawel Hill next to the Vistula River, Wawel Castle is now a museum with a rich collection of tapestries, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and much more. The Cathedral located within the castle complex is also worth a visit – the prayer rooms dedicated to each king will show you how the city’s architecture changed over the years. The Wawel Cathedral also boasts the impressive Royal Sigismund Bell, which weighs over 12 tons. We also recommend entering the Dragon’s Den at the base of the hill.

Wonder at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

If you’re looking for memorable things to do in Krakow, take a trip to Wieliczka to see a world made of salt. This attraction located just a short ride from Krakow comes highly recommended and is one of Poland’s top attractions. A visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine with its chapels and statues carved out of salt will certainly leave an impression.

The Erazm Baracza Chamber and subterranean lake in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, near Krakow, in southern Poland

Stroll around Nowa Huta – an ideal socialist city

Venture outside the historic center to the city’s youngest district and see a different side of Krakow. Originally designed as a separate city that was meant to be a representative of socialist realism, it was later incorporated into the city of Krakow. When in Nowa Huta, you can see how much it differs from the rest of the city thanks to its architecture and layout. A walk around Nowa Huta will temporarily take you into a slightly different world. Also, it’s definitely the best place in Krakow to learn about life under the communist regime. Have a look at our suggestions of what to do in Nowa Huta or join our Nowa Huta tour to experience this part of the city to the fullest.

Have loads of fun at the Museum of Illusions

If you’re looking for something cool and fun to do while in Krakow, visit the highly-rated Krakil – Museum of Illusions. Despite its small size, it has enough interactive exhibitions and illusions to keep you and the kids occupied. A fantastic place to unleash your imagination and let out a few giggles.

Find out about the city’s Jewish history

Kazimierz, the former Jewish Quarter is often a favorite part of Krakow for both tourists and locals. Despite its sad past, today it is an atmospheric place with many good restaurants, cozy cafes, and unique pubs. It is also the best place to learn about the Jewish heritage in Krakow. Points of interest in this part of the city include the Jewish Ghetto, The Galicia Jewish Museum, and the oldest synagogue in Krakow. You can read more details about the Kazimierz district and things to do there here –>

Visit the somber place that should never be forgotten

Auschwitz is one of the most important places located in Poland. The former Nazi Concentration Camp is a reminder of the atrocities of World War II and every year thousands of tourists visit it to pay their respects to the victims of the Holocaust. Krakow is a starting point of many tours to Auschwitz, which is around 38 miles away. Although it’s a difficult place to visit, we think it’s one of the most important things to do in Krakow.

Enjoy the festivities

Feel the Christmas spirit at the Krakow Christmas market

Coming to Krakow in December? Enjoy the Christmassy time while strolling around the Christmas market and sipping mulled wine. Krakow is one of the best cities in Poland to experience a Christmas fair and it always takes place at the square.

Immerse yourself in film music

Lovers of cult movies, orchestra, and epic film soundtracks can have a unique experience in Krakow. The Krakow Film Music Festival takes place in May and is among the leading film music festivals in the world.

Have a Jazzy time

If you’re a fan of jazz, you should visit Krakow in the summer to experience the Summer Jazz Festival. Taking place between June and August and having been organized for more than 20 years, this is the biggest jazz event in Poland and it attracts many international musicians.

Explore the surroundings – what to do outside Krakow?

Visit Poland’s mountain resort

Zakopane, a winter resort in the Tatra Mountains, is just around 2 hours from Krakow. If you fancy a hike or skiing session while enjoying beautiful views, this is a great option to consider. You can even join a day tour to Zakopane to get a taste of it.

Have a thrilling rollercoaster ride

If you’re looking for some adrenaline or a fun spot to visit with kids, try Energylandia Amusement Park in Zator. Perfect for all ages, this is the largest amusement park in Poland with big rollercoasters, rides, pools, slides, and more. A great idea for families or thrill seekers.

Panorama of Energylandia, one of the biggest amusement park in Europe

See the Ogrodzieniec castle in all its glory

Castle lovers who aren’t quite satisfied with the Wawel Castle can take a trip to see the ruined Ogrodzieniec Castle, which is quite majestic. It was built in the 14th century between natural rock formations, which makes it even more picturesque. Just be prepared for some climbing when getting here.

Embark on a river adventure

Visitors who are into nature and adventure sports can also go river rafting in the beautiful Dunajec River George in the Pieniny Mountains. This great attraction is only about a 2-hour drive from Krakow and there are many Dunajec River Rafting tours you can choose from.

Rafting on river Dunajec in Poland. Spływ Dunajcem, w oddali Trzy Korony.