Summer 2021 vacations have started. Thanks to vaccination and international efforts to make travel welcoming and safe, countless enthusiastic people have ventured forth. Popular destinations become crowded, beaches are full.   S

Cities that used to look like ghost towns just a few months ago are now brimming with life. In fact, many of them feel suffocatingly overcrowded, and it will only become worse! To help you enjoy your vacations in peace, we have suggestions for the 4 best places to visit to avoid crowds.

1. Best Place To Visit To Avoid Crowds: Poland

Poland is a nice, accessible, and safe option for crowd-less vacations. Located in central Europe, Poland has nice balanced weather and a bit of everything. Fans of exciting urban life contrasted with elegant historical districts will have tons of fun in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow. Mountain enthusiasts will enjoy Karkonosze and Tatra Mountains. We especially recommend Zakopane, the highest-placed city in Poland. 

If you want to enjoy the sea, Gdansk and Tricity will let you get to know the Baltic Sea from its best side. Don’t be afraid of Hel. It is not hell!

Since many Polish tourists decided to spend their 2021 vacations abroad, there is a surprising amount of free space left for you. Many breathing rooms and no language barrier (many Poles speak English, especially in the places you will be interested in as travelers) make Poland a perfect destination for a crowd-less vacation.

It is also worth noting that Poland has surprisingly cheap accommodation options. Because of certain factors, Poland is in a pretty unique spot where it is elementary to profit from Airbnb. This has led to the emergence of well-equipped, high-standard AirBNB options that offer you hotel-level standards and privacy for a price that would barely cover a cheap motel elsewhere. 

For specific ideas on what to do in Poland, check out this blog post about a family weekend in Malopolska.

 2. Best Place To Visit To Avoid Crowds: Madeira

If you want to take a break from other people, beautiful landscapes are a pretty great retreat. Madeira is currently the best option for anybody wanting to have a taste of what Portugal has to offer. The Autonomous Region of Madeira (which means it has its own regulations – so you don’t need to worry about Portugal travel restrictions) covers a phenomenal archipelago, famous for its unique collection of microclimates. There is a reason why the discovery of Madeira was grand enough to be considered the start of the Age of Discovery!

Located 520km of Morocco, Madeira has more to offer beyond natural wonders – the most popular of these offerings is wine. Some people say that if they had to choose one place on Earth and call it Paradise, it would be Madeira.

Another thing you absolutely must try in Madeira is the local food. Many of the local produce is unique, especially fish. “Tuna large as beef” is only a small exaggeration! Local fishers know how to catch creatures from deeper than almost anybody else. Interesting shapes and unusual sizes ensue!

With all these attractions, you would expect Porto Santo to be overcrowded, but the truth is that Madeira is mostly untouched by mass tourism. It might be because it is so far from Europe, or perhaps because of low awareness, but Madeira does not receive as many visitors as it deserves. But hey, that honestly means it’s better for those of us who love wild beaches and want to avoid crowds!  

3. Best Place To Visit To Avoid Crowds: Israel

We usually recommend places within Europe. That is mostly because we value sincerity and want to talk from experience about places we can show you around. And because of this, you might be surprised to see Israel on this list. MrShuttle, talking about the mid-eastern country? What is this?

The answer is simple: MrShuttle is in Israel now! We expanded there recently because we think it is an awesome place more people should see.

In Israel, you will be able to experience the history that shaped the world. This, of course, includes Jerusalem, the holiest holy city in the world. There is really no other place like it. And don’t you think the only things worth seeing in Jerusalem are history and religion! Sure, they are the most recognizable and iconic parts of it, but Israel is a modern nation with modern culture and modern life. Beyond the old buildings, there is an entire thriving culture for you to experience and appreciate. To see The Wailing Wall and Bethlehem during the day and hit the city later for some nightlife. Israel is as “western” as Europe is, so leave your preconceptions behind and let yourself be amazed! Tel Aviv can honestly compete with New York in terms of the modern 24h lifestyle!

And hey, while you let all these experiences sink in, why not float on the Dead Sea? The saltiest body of water on Earth is in Israel, and well, you can indeed float in it! So salty that nothing can live in it, the Dead Sea is unique. And despite all that “Dead,” it actually has some cool health benefits for you. So many of them, in fact, that people will gather the mud from the place and sell it bottled for real cash. And why get it bottled when you can visit and cover yourself in it for free?

Of course, with all these upsides, there must be something that keeps tourists away, right? If it were this great, it would be crawling with travelers?! The answer is that…it really is that great, but people don’t believe it. The majority of news about Israel is focused on violence, which leads to many unfair preconceptions. In public opinion, Israel is a backwater, violent and dangerous country defined by old relics of religion. This is not only not true but harmful and unfair to the people of Israel. Did you know that Israel is actually a very safe, modern country? If you think the USA is safe enough for you, know that Israel is much safer than that! Help defeat stereotypes and prejudices. Travel to Israel now!

4. Best Place To Visit To Avoid Crowds: Iceland

We have a central European option, an almost-African option, and a mid-eastern option. How about a nordic crowd-less target destination, then? Sounds interesting? Then consider Iceland!

Iceland is sort of the least crowded country in Europe…even before we start talking about tourism. Indeed, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country on the continent! So even if it were flooding with tourists, you wouldn’t actually notice. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the stunning natural beauty of Iceland anyway. Many people describe it as “mystical” and “otherworldly.” If you ever wanted to be transported to a fantasy world, take a trip to Iceland. The snow-covered volcanoes will make you feel like a hero surrounded by a magical land. One of the most profound and iconic Icelandic experiences is a chance to witness the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. No picture can capture the feeling the dancing lights in the sky inspire. 

Of course, nature and sights are not the only things to do in the land of the Vikings. Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is a modern city able to compete with the best and brightest. A thriving and exciting nightlife, fantastic cuisine, unique culture, and phenomenal art scene makes it a great place to enjoy after absorbing all that breathtaking beauty.

This underrated travel destination is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with some of the most soul-touching sights on the planet. Everybody should see the real Northern Lights at least once in their life. So stop reading and start packing, planning your next trip safely with MrShuttles ultimate flexibility options!

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